Mini Express Train Ride @ Vivocity

Date:  Aug 25, 2012

There is this small little train ride available at Vivocity.  They just open last month, and now they still offering at $5 per train ride.

IMG 0541

It opens daily from 10am to 10pm.  It’s first of the kind in Singapore, accept last time you saw it in Zoo or Bird Park or Sentosa.

IMG 0540

It looks like a steam engine.

IMG 3354

I think it runs on petrol gasoline.

IMG 3356

You can sit 12-14 kids inside. 

IMG 3357

Of course Adults can sit in too.

IMG 3329

My kids love to sit on the train so much.  That is why we always bring the kids to Japan for holiday.  Because they can sit on the Shinkansen for many hours.

IMG 0530

I think Singapore, as a tourism, should have more of such train ride, or small little amazing rides that can keep the kids happy.

IMG 0517

Kay Kay was amaze with it too.

IMG 3339

Hi Kay Kay!

IMG 3342

Toot Toot!  I am coming…

IMG 0534

Here we make a turn…

IMG 0531

That concludes our little train ride.

IMG 3348

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