Toilet Training – Lose the Diaper

Date:  Aug 22, 2012

Kay Kay has been a kid who has very strong opinion about everything, about himself.

IMG 3504

The more time he spent at school the more time, he will learn from his friends.  These are his very good friends, always hear their name at home.  诺文 & 娜娜.

IMG 3548

On August 21, 2012.  We take no chance at all.  On that day, he had his 3rd birthday.  So, we talk about Toilet training in front of his classmates.  So, we found out that only 2 students are still wearing diapers in his class.  And one of them is Kay Kay.

IMG 3217

It goes like this. “Kay Kay!  Now you are three years old, how can you wear diaper any more?”

“Tomorrow you must wear underwear!”

“Wow, you have grown up!  Can wear underwear like others”

“YES.  Gordon (Thomas & Friends #4 Engine) underwear.”

IMG 3318

So, on Aug 22, it was his first day of wearing underwear.  Of course, Thomas and friends underwear.

The teachers in school trying to get him toilet train.

So, first round, second round he did not pee.

But then, magical things happened.  After two unsuccessful round, his two hands hold his lower part, and start jumping up and down.  That is when the teacher knows and quickly bring him to the toilet.  And there he goes, his first pee in the toilet.

IMG 3337

Well done son!  

However, on the Aug 23, 2012.  Because the class go and sit the Duck tour and he is only toilet train for a day, so, the teacher wants him to wear diaper.  And he said “NO.”  But no choice, must wear, and he cries.  Poor kid.  

But I am really proud of him for knowing how to think he has grown up after 3 years old birthday, and wanted to lose the diaper himself.




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