SG50 The Fighter Jets Fly By ECP Expressway

Date:  Aug 9, 2015

While we driving home.  It was 12 noon when we on the ECP Expressway.

There is a fighter jet flying in the sky.

IMG 7968

So, we hazard light our car, and investigate.

Kay: “Is Singapore under attack?”

IMG 7970

Where have they fly to?  Where is it?

IMG 7976

IMG 7980

Here it comes again.  Four fighter jets doing the twisted moves.

Here comes Larry Leong.  Our friend who is going to drive across 15 countries form Singapore to London in 66 days in his Land Rovers, with his wife Simone, and their daughter Lucy.  I think Lucy is only 5 years old.  And the plan is, 50 years later, hopefully Lucy will do another long Land Rover trip to celebrate SG100.

IMG 8010

What do you know?  The four fighter jets came to see them off too.

IMG 8007

A convoy of 52 Land Rovers will escort Larry’s car to Tuas check point where he will joined with other Malaysia drivers, about 15 of them to embark this wonderful journey.

The sky is not that good.  But good enough for us to see the LOVE shape the fighter jets make.

IMG 8011

The kids really love it.  They don’t like the sun though.

IMG 7992  1

Let’s do selfie.  or Wefie.


Happy Birthday Singapore.  In front of us.


Happy SG50.  Behind us.


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