SG50 From Singapore to London in 64 days

Date:  Aug 9, 2015

He is Larry. 

IMG 7950

Together with his daughter & wife, they are going to drive from Singapore to London in 64 days, across 15 countries.

IMG 7893

In this Land Rover.

IMG 7908

The 15 countries.  To London.  To celebrate SG50.

IMG 7907

These are the 15 countries he is travelling.  Expected to reach London by Oct 14, 2015.

IMG 7911

Here are some news reported.  And the facebook page.

She is Lucy.  And she will be the only kid in this expedition.  

I think her dad “brain wash” her that she must keep the traditions on, and do the SG100 drive.  Then, she will be the only human being on Singapore soil that does the long expedition in both the Jubilee and double Jubilee (SG100).  

She is trained since young.  🙂

 IMG 7902

50+ cars have come to see the Leong family off here.  These Land Rovers will form a convoy and escort the expedition car to Tuas.

IMG 7889

This car I believe is quite old.  When I know Larry, he owns a couple of Land Rovers.  And at that time, may be 15 years ago, he already has this car.

IMG 7904

Jay is trying to figure out the route.

IMG 7913 

And the lazy driver is in the driving seat.

IMG 7918

More Land Rovers.

IMG 7921

Here is the we-fie.  It is amazing, that you can climb up and sit on the car roof just like that.  I think all the people who drive Land Rover like this.

IMG 7924

The “See You In 3 Months Time” photo.

IMG 7926

Kay Kay gave one of the flag to uncle Larry.  And place the flag on his radio antenna.

IMG 7930

Bye bye Lucy.  See you in 3 months time.

IMG 7946

There goes the convoy.

IMG 7962

The expedition car.

IMG 7964

Bye bye.

IMG 7965

Bye bye.  The flag is flying strong.

IMG 7966

Bye bye.

IMG 7967

Wait… there are fighter jets in the sky.  Everybody stopping to watch it.

IMG 7970

And, here come the convoy.  I happened to be there by accident, and I shot the whole convoy.  This is 52 Land Rovers seeing Larry off towards the Tuas checkpoint.

Only Larry’s Land Rover to join other Malaysians in this 64 days expeditions.  Good luck in everything, and have fun!  See you in 3 months time.  (They are going to have a vacation in London too).

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