SG50 National Day Observance

Date:  Aug 9, 2015

Today is Singapore’s 50th National Day!

Happy Birthday Singapore!

IMG 7746

Early morning, we are heading to the National Day Observance event @ Teban Garden.  

IMG 7749

We tried to ballot for the NDP, but we did not get it.  We got it in 2013.  I guess there are too many people balloting for it.

IMG 7750

We are are on red top today.

Some friends ask me, “I thought you are Malaysian?”

Well, my wife has converted to be Singaporean for our children sake.

And both my sons are Singaporeans already.

One of the thing that I teach my son is “You have to love your country.”

That is why as a father, I will have to go all the way to support the Singapore national day events, and make my sons to be as patriotic as possible.

After all, they are Singaporeans.

No point to teach them politics.  Just ask them to be a good Singaporean who love their countries.

When national day comes, there is no line drawn.  No PAP, no 反对党 (oppositions).  All is about loving your countries.

This is what they have to know today.

When they grew up, and when they become older, and they can think, then, they will think for themselves and they will make their own observations, and make own judgement which side they want to choose.

IMG 7757

Quite cool they decorate their HDB like this.  At Teban Garden.


So many Singapore flags.  Must be here la.

IMG 7782

A lot of people are here already.  The band is from Commonwealth Secondary School.


We don’t know what is National Day Observance.  

Oh…. oh….

It is a small parade.

IMG 7770

There are uniform cadets marching, etc.

IMG 7774

More and more people arriving.


Here come the guest of honour, Ms. Foo.  The MP.

IMG 7799

Shaking hand with all the residences.

IMG 7804

Oops… She spotted both Jay & Kay.

IMG 7805

Then, she put here hands on Jay’s shoulder, and ask her guys, “Let’s take a photo here!”

IMG 7807

Too much publicity.  Don’t like. hahaha


Raising the flag.


They are broadcasting the Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s proclamation in 1965 live across the whole Singapore at 9am. 

IMG 7829

Then, the MP gave National Day speech in 3 languages.  Wow, I am impressed with her Malay.  Click below to listen a bit.–/

She also get to inspect the uniform groups.

IMG 7821

Jay Jay was happy to be here.


The cake is here.

IMG 7855

Kay Kay also very happy.


My two boys.  They have grown so much.

IMG 7859

The three Singaporean at home.

IMG 7861

3x S and a M.


Let’s light up the cake.


Got flag, got SG50.  Its perfect.  Let’s take a photo.

IMG 7877

Happy Birthday Singapore!

IMG 7879

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