Sky Sky in Vet Hospital For 4 Days

Date:  Aug 8, 2015

The deworming medicine that the Pet Shop gave us is way too strong for Sky Sky.  

After applying it for a day, Sky Sky become ill.

He had high fever, no energy to move, and his eyes become very crooked.

So, we put Sky Sky in the Vet hospital for IV dripping.

IMG 7677

My younger son is bond to this cat.

Sky Sky is skinny, 3 months old.  

He is very light.  Just like Kay Kay.

IMG 7679

Sky will be in “hospital” for 4 days.  After the blood test, we can bring him back on National Day.

IMG 7681

He is my cat look.

IMG 7685

This is Sky Liew.  A locally breed Ragdoll.


IMG 7707

Its Jay turn to carry him.

IMG 7691

It is Kay Kay’s turn to carry Sky Sky.

IMG 7697

Now is my turn.

IMG 7705

Oh silly me.  Have I introduced the “Hospital” yet?

IMG 7714

Pretty solid China made cage. 

IMG 7716

Sky Sky stayed in this Isolation Ward.

IMG 7718

This hospital is huge.

IMG 7721

This is Blue & Sky’s official Vet.

The Joyous Vet is open by Dr. Heng.

IMG 7727

Dr. Heng has been attending to our cats since 14 years ago.  

Yup, both Mel Mel and Molly were her patients.  

And she is very good.

That day, when we brought in both Blue Blue and Sky Sky for a Vet check when we first got them, it was her that told us, that Sky Sky is a male cat instead of a female which is labeled at the Pet Shop.  Hahahaha so funny indeed. 

IMG 7723

The clinic is huge too.

IMG 7726

Blue Blue stay at home, very lonely.  He was wondering where is his buddy, Sky Sky.

IMG 7740

This are two video clips on how I trained Blue (just like the dinosaur in Jurassic World, also called Blue)… how to catch and play ball.  hahaha

Another video.

On Aug 9, 2015.  We went to fetch Sky Sky back.

And he is now perfectly healthy.

And he is still very playful.

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