SG50 Madam Tussauds @ Singapore

Date:  Aug 7, 2015

Two years ago, I went to Bangkok’s Madam Tussauds.

I took these picture in Bangkok.


This year, I take this.  Still equally funny, but fun.

IMG 7584

The kids were happy to revisit Madam Tussauds again.  This time, we visit the Singapore own Madam Tussauds.

IMG 7567

Indonesian should know who is this guy.

IMG 7569

This is the money man.

IMG 7575

My kids with Mr. & Mrs. Lee.

IMG 7576

Partnering with Wong Soon Keat.

IMG 7587

Jay also had a game together with Mr. Wong.

IMG 7589

Trying very hard to block Yao Ming shooting…

IMG 7608

Mr. Phua Choo Kang.

IMG 7612

J J Lin.

IMG 7615

Teresa Teng.

IMG 7622

Jay Chou.

IMG 7624

The Rock Band.

IMG 7636

Jack Neo.  Mirror effect.

IMG 7631

ET wants to go home.

IMG 7634

Boon with Tom Cruise.  Her eyes is fully shut!

IMG 7628

Boon is surprise to see Michelle Yeo is so short and thin.

IMG 7629

Andy Lau.


Me & Andy Lau.


Overall, this is a nice place to take photos.  I meant very funny photos.

We love it.

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