3D Design with Google’s SketchUp

May 16, 2020

I was wondering, when is he going to design a 3D STL model for day to day application. And he did it just now.

He felt that the model he downloaded from the thingiverse.com is too think at the cap portion and is ugly, so, today, he decided to design his own. I bought him a digital caliper so he is now able to measure the camera lens very accurately. And he drew the SketchUp C-Mount cap in precision.

Of course, I get to see the final copy of the work.

Google’s SketchUp is really a one fine app. You no need to use AutoCAD to draw, how can create the 3D model very accurately.

And he printed this for me. Wow. I am impressed.

And of course, this is after multiple trial and errors. Wahahahaha

I thought he first try is successful, I didn’t know he has tried it for many times before it fit onto the camera lens perfectly. Wahahaha

But it is a good try.

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