Gaming – Animal Crossing

Date: May 25, 2020

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, almost 85% of the people staying in Singapore should stay at home. The government gave it a name, called Circuit Breaker measurements.

So, you got so much time staying at home. What do you do? Well, you can play Animal Crossing. At first, I thought it was one of the kids game that I usually don’t play. But once you play it, you “get hook” to it, simply because you can build your fantasy here.

This is like Minecraft. But Minecraft graphics sucks, and the movement will cause motion sickness to me. That is why I don’t really like Minecraft.

When you get to a point where you can do construction work to change your river, ponds and hills, you get to do this.

Welcome to Ken’s Falls on Singapura island. I must be one of the very first Singaporean who played this game and call my island “Singapura”. Hahaha

The following video showed you what I have build.

Yeah… two hills with water falls. And some individual island rocks for you to hop. So, basically, you hop and jump to cross the waterfall walk way.

It is magnificent! Wahahaha look! Water falls on both side of the views.

You can even climb up to the top of the hills, where Singapura is protected by the two stone lions. Wahahahaha

I even placed two Stone Arch at the entrance from both side. Wahahahaha

If you have not gotten your construction permit, I guess you can go ahead and do a soccer field. This is my YNWA (You never walk Alone) soccer field. nice?

Creating this is easy. But tedious. A lot of try and errors too.

You can use the Designer tools to create patterns. Instead of beautiful pattens, you actually create the white lines.

So, calculation of size of the box, the fields is important to fit onto your island.

You got to remove or migrates lots of flowers and infra in order to do so. Just like the real constructions. Demolish and build.

Once done, you will be satisfy. Hi Ken!! Ya, that blue chicken is “Ken”. He just moved onto my island.

Also, don’t forget to beautify your island. Properly organized all the flowers. See, I got six different types of color tulips. Ahahahahaha

These Amiibo cards is specially for Animal Crossing games. You can invite them to come to stay at the campsite on your island. Or if you are persuasive enough, you can make them come and stay as a resident on the island. There are 400 of them.

I bought these from Shopee. Of course, I bought a few first to test it. If it is a “Special Character” (SP) card, you can’t invite them to your camp usually, so, you have to buy normal one. And each card will have their birthday on it. So, try to invite them to come during their birthday. Hahahaha

Well, I got to conclude my Animal Crossing play, as the Pokemon new updates or games are coming in June.

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