RetroPie Zero on A Gamepad

Date: May 15, 2020

We setup a temporary working space for him at the living room during his HBL period. And Jay make that into his comfortable “home”. Everyday you can his leg sticking out like this.

Let’s check out what is he working on today.

Wow, he “destroyed” one of my Nintendo style retro gaming pad. What is he working on leh?

Seems like he drills a hole behind.

And he 3D print this piece and screw it at the back of the gamepad.

The front portion of the game pad remains intact.

And he has been using the drill.

The solder too. I don’t believe SST has taught them how to use all these. But he is very comfortable handling each tools.

He even “destroyed” one of the USB hub too. Hahahaha. And try to fit the USB component.

And he tries to solder something on it.

OK, done!

It is not elegant. As you can see, the “game console” need to hook up the USB from the gamepad to the USB port of the Raspberry Pi Zero.

This is the game pad. Still in tact.

And he is playing all these Retro games. You know “Ready Player One” is a very good book as well as a good movie to make the kids understand 80’s culture. How we begun the gaming culture. Hahaha

And he can easily learned how to play the games.

Now, he demo using Street Fighter Turbo 2.

Still a nice gaming experience.

So, nobody asked him to do so, but he probably saw the back casing hack from the Thingiverse and printed the STL file. After that, he go dig out all the Raspberry Pi Zero and install the RetroPie on it as well as with the game ROMS files. And then, he begun his modification hack on the GamePad. This version 1.0 not a bad job.

It would be nice if he can make the “wire connections” simplified, it would be nice to have the “Sound” working for the HDMI output, and it would be nice if can make the USB hub “disappear”… hahaha…

Nevertheless, it was a quick and good project for him. All he took is one afternoon, and you only hear the bang bang knocking sound and the zeee zeee drilling sound and smell of burn plastics too… Then, his version one Raspberry Pi game console on the Gamepad is finished.

Well done!

And you are one step become a mini-Liew ya. Wait.. he is a mini-Liew. A me-replica. Hahahaha

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