Cycling in Punggol

Date:  Aug 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Thanks to the National Day, today is one of those rare moment where the kids do not have any classes on.  So, it is a truly holiday for us.

Let’s go cycling today!

Where shall we go this time…

I searched the web, and I saw this map, and I have decided to go to Punggol Park.  Let’s cycling in Punggol today!

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Let’s pack the two kids bike in the car.

IMG 8581

And the adults bikes are sunbathing outside.  And I just realise that this is probably the first time that we brought along 4 bikes in our car.  We had never tried it before.  Well I am glad that we did it today.

IMG 8583

2 adults, 2 kids, 4 bikes and a sunroof.  🙂

IMG 1091

Here we are at the Punggol Park.  We did not know the place well.  So, we end up cycle back to where we started.  HaHaHaHa

IMG 8592

I must say, it is quite a scenic ride.  The feeling is good.

IMG 8605

Along the way, we found some cotton.

IMG 8620

Yeap!  Real cotton.  There is a cotton tree just after you cycle out of the Punggol Park and turn right riding beside the canal.

IMG 8619

Tall people on the bike.  Please beware of this 1.9m max headroom warning.  It is really low.  


It is a long cycling path.  Oh… the river is called Sungei Serangoon.

IMG 8621

Hey Jay… Today is National Day, where you are wearing “I love Taiping” T-shirt?

IMG 8625

Here come Kay Kay.  Kay Kay’s bicycle is just a plain bicycle without any gears.  And his bicycle wheel size is much smaller.  Therefore, the one that put up a lot of efforts in riding the bike is him.  I am glad to see him completed this close to 21KM ride.

Kay Kay has to do more than any of us.  So, I am guessing, he must be the tired one of all.


Well done Kay Kay!

The scene along the way is amazing.


You are really riding along the river.


Let’s go Jay!


There is even a bicycle stop for the cyclist to have a toilet break and refill water.


Have not reach half way point, already looks tired.  Poor kids.  Better don’t let him know that we can change gears.  Wahahaha

<img title="DSC09019.JPG" src="
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More video of Kay Kay cycling hard…

Keep going Kay Kay.   Chase Daddy and Jay Jay.

Don’t forget to cross this bridge to the other side.  I think you will reach Lorong Halus wet land.

Cyclist!  Please dismount your bike and push.  Unless you are small kids.  There are a lot of inconsiderate cyclist really ride fast thru the bridge.  

IMG 8633

The bridge is long and quite nice.

IMG 1119

We are on the bridge.  


Yeap it is a wet land.

IMG 8632

This is just a reservoir.  The scene is nice.  Especially with the clouds.


Yeap!  Only Kay Kay is allow to ride the bike.  The rest dismount the bike and push.


Welcome to Lorong Halus wetland.



IMG 1107


IMG 1106





The wet land.

IMG 1112

Blow Blow Blow…


This reservoir looks like a river.

IMG 8656

See what I mean?

IMG 1118

OK.  We have cycle about 5-6KM already.

IMG 8658

So, I am assuming that you can see sunrise from this bridge.

IMG 8659

This is the Sunshine Bridge.

IMG 8662

OK.  come on boys, let’s take a picture.  Before we go and hunt for food.


A small dam on Sunshine bridge here.

IMG 8660

The view is quite nice too.

IMG 8663

We are finally here.  At the end of Punggol Promenade.  There is this place called Marina Country Club.

IMG 8664

There are some restaurant in here.

IMG 8665

Let’s secure the bike here.

IMG 1130

Wow.  Amazing place.  People who do wake boarding come here to take the speed boat.  There is a SPA in the building.  A couple sea food restaurant.  And a couple prawn or milk fish fishing place.

IMG 8666

Let’s go find Boaster Cafe.

IMG 8668


IMG 8669

Are lunch kakis are here.

IMG 8674

Buy any 5 beers and you get a FREE pizza.

IMG 8676

The pizza is very very nice.

IMG 8688

Our second bucket is here.

IMG 8689

Our free pepperoni pizza.

IMG 8690

The lamb shank is super nice.  Not so much lamb smell.

IMG 8687

The baby ribs.  Nice!

IMG 8685

So, we came from the Punggol Waterway park.  So, now, we go back via the Punggol Promenade.  That is JB and Pasir Gudang on the other side.


Wait… found a stretch of sea food restaurant here.


It is called Punggol Settlement.


Riding back is scenic too.


Here comes Kay Kay.


It is Singapore National Day.  So, don’t forget to put a flag on your bike.

IMG 8698

Look what we have found!  A Tiger Orchid.

IMG 1140

You thought only can find it in Botanical Garden, right?

IMG 1141

Nope, it is here.  It is planted between the jogger path and the cycling path.  It is between the red bridge/sunshine bridge and the cyclist toilet.


IMG 1143

And we finally came back where we started.

IMG 1145

Wow!  We covered so much.

IMG 8709

Yeah!  We did 21KM today.  The kids are very happy about it.

IMG 8710

I always know there is a Punggol cycling path.  But because of all the kids enrichment classes, we hardly got any chance to come here.

Today is a very precious day for us, as we can really get to do some outing together in Singapore.

And to my surprise, Punggol Park to Punggol Waterway Park and then the Promenade is such a nice scenic ride.  I really did not know that Singapore still got such a nice place to cycle.  It is much better than East Coast Park or West Coast Park.

So, we definitely will come back here again.

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