Kay Kay & Piano Lesson Reboot

Date:  Aug 5, 2014

On July 23, we caught Kay Kay playing the piano by himself.

On July 24, we saw him playing the piano again.  

When Kay Kay is N2, we sent Kay Kay to a Piano teacher for about 1-2 months.  He have to canceled the piano lesson because Kay Kay suddenly lost interest of learning it.  He was learning under a very talented teacher at that time, but he is bald (no hair) and he always wants the student to be “perfect”.  So, that is why we figure, the main reason why Kay Kay quit piano a year ago have something to do with this teacher, the way how he teach.

If you remember, it was Kay Kay wanted to learn piano at that time.

As you know the policy in this family, if you wanted to learn, you will get the chance to learn, but the only thing is you cannot quit half way.  However, we make an exception for Kay Kay as we really see that he develops a certain phobia in learning the piano.

So, only July 23 & 24, while every one was busy, this young Kay Kay open up the Piano at home, and play with it.  

And some how, the tunes he play is not too bad.  Finger any how press.  But the tune is not too bad,

So, we asked him, if he would like to learn Piano again?

And he says yes!

So, he started his first piano lesson at ARC every Monday for 30 minutes after school.

IMG 0988

And some how and don’t know how, he has the enthusiasm to learn piano, and we are happy about it.

After the class, he comes home and eagerly wanted to show me what he has learn. 

The Walking Song.

IMG 8195

Hope that he can do well under this new teacher.

IMG 8203

As I said before, Music is a strange thing.  

Father Mother do not have music gene, and sons some how gets a bit of music hobby.  

Like Jay Jay now likes Er Hu.

So interesting, and so cannot understand why.  HaHaHaHa

Anyway, if the kids want to learn, we shall let them learn.

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