Moderna Vaccines – Completed 2 Jabs

Date: Apr 25, 2021

On March 28, 2021, I took the first Jab.

I took it from Hong Kah Community Centre because it is few hundred meters away from my home. They are one of the four centre to offer Moderna Vaccines. At that time, I have no clues about that when I choose the centre.

And done! Now waiting for the injections to happen.

See … how close it is… just cross 1 street… hahaha

Then, concerns friends started to ask me if I know I was taking Moderna jab.

I told them, I didnt know. So I research a bit la.

Oh… Moderna seems to be more expensive. And same as Pfizer BioNTech, they are based on MRNA technology, and need 2 doses, but instead of 21 days, Moderna need 28 days between the doeses.

Moderna will need to be injected with 100mcg per dose vs. 30mcg for Pfizer vaccines.

On March 28, I took the first shot. They gave me a booklet to read. Confirm is Moderna.

What to expect?

So, for me, I only have swelling at the injection site for 2 days. That’s it. No other side effects. No fever.

I am taking blood thinning meds, so I need to press on the injection site so not to let my blood flow out. hahaha just kidding. Not so bad la. One two seconds blood stop already.

It warns against these…

So, I follow very stictly .. absolutely no alcohol after the 24 hours.

Oh it rains on that day… half site of my house…

And next Morning I already go cycling liao. Riding Bicycle is not strenuous exercise bah.

From then onwards I kept doing exercise until today… old cool… a rainbow…

And On Apr 25, I took my second jab.

And again, there is only swelling on the injection site. No fever, no headache, no tireness.

And again, I go ride bicycle one day after the injection.

Hit my “fake” hole in one on a par 4.

Drank a bit alcohol after 24 hours.

To conclude this…

  1. I am happy that now I am “almost” 94% protected against Covid19. Still need to have another 14-21 days for the body to build the anti-bodies. Not immediate effect hor. So, please continue wear mask.
  2. I think either Pfizer or Moderna is fine. Both as same technology, although one is more expensive, one needs to put in more micrograms of vaccines into our body.
  3. As for reaction, it solely depends on individual. Some said has headache, like the head ring of the Monkey King, some said tireness, some have fever for a day, etc. I think it is really depends on each person. For me, it is just soreness around the injection area of my arm. Just make sure don’t sleep on that side will do. 1-2 days gone. Does it mean a good thing? I don’t know. Does it mean, my immunity is stronger? I don’t know. Is it all physchology thoughts? may be?
  4. How about long term effect? I think that is akan datang, but don’t know what. Just keep your body fit and build up the immune system strong strong lor. We will deal with that later, may be 10-20 or 40 years later. But now, everyone must take. If not, we cannot solve this pandemic problem. Even if taking China vaccines, or Russia vaccines is fine. As long as there are a certain protection, it will help in weakening the Covid 19 virus. It wont make it go away, life will not be the same.
  5. So after taking two doeses, please, still wear your mask. Still keep social distancing. It does not mean you are safe yet. So, that is why I am not so agree to what Biden did. He said in the news he is looking into possibility to allow people who has 2 injections of vaccines not to wear mask. hahaha
  6. Yes, you still cannot travel with your young kids yet. because kids are not taking the vaccines yet.
  7. You can travel, but In my opinion, if the other parts of the world still have danger, why do you want to do that? just for the sake of shopping? I don’t know. I will try not to travel. If I travel, it shall limited to golf trip like that. hahaha

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