Badminton – Sweet First Victory

Date:  Jan 16, 2017

A blog to record Jay’s happy moment when he had his first win in badminton in a competition . Jay has not participate in any competition before.  This is probably his very first.  And I am glad he is happy today.  And I know he is having lots of fun!

Pei Tong’s badminton boys school team was formed since last year.  All the while, there was only girls school team.

Jay was happy to make it to the school team this year.

Jay stand by.jpg

And as early as in January, the school team is participating in the the South Zone Primary School National Badminton Championships which is held at Seng Kang Sport Hall.


Since this is his first match, I better go and give my son my support.  🙂

We did not talk a lot about the event as we don’t want him to feel pressure.

The only thing we asked him to do is, “To have fun son!” (yeap!  this is all what I can say to him.)

and deep in our hearts, “we are very proud of you”.

It was interesting to see other schools has invested quite a lot in their badminton team.  As you can see, they all have their own badminton uniforms.  With the player’s name printed on the uniforms.  hahaha


They are 10 teams in the South Zone.  And I am guessing those who wear the badminton uniform (not school uniform) are very good team.  🙂


Pei Tong is down by 1.  The first single has tried his best.  But the opponent has better control of the court.

The second match is a double match.  This is where Jay partnering Aiden taking on the Holy Innocent pair.

Jay & Aiden.jpg

Here are some of the highlights and excitement.

This is one of the rally.

As you know, Jay has a strong body build, and that can generate a lot of strength.  I am glad that I can corrected some of his mistake 2 weeks before this game.  Now, he can hit better return and make sure the shuttle fly low and hit well.

Jay’s foot work is improving too.  And he now knows how to move back to position after hitting the ball.

Nice smash Aiden!

Jay’s ball sense is improving too.  The fact that he can return so many shot can make his opponent tire.  🙂

haha Lucky shot.

Now, after Jay hitting the shuttle, he will raise his leg… So, need to find way to teach him how to make him jump and hit the shot.. hahaha

21-15.  The duo took the first set.

I can tell that Jay is happy after winning the first set.  And both he and Aiden fills their body with fire and focus.

Jay & Aiden receiving serve.jpg

I tried to record more videos so that later I can do a post mortem together with him.  And I am very sure he is eager to listen to me after the sweet victory.

Jay sort of smashing.jpg

I hope that he has picked up a lot of confidence with himself after the set.

Jay pick up a shot.jpg

Here are some of the highlights of second set.

I am happy to see Jay serve with patience.  He will take a quick look before he serve.  🙂

Another good rally.

The supporters are enjoying the game too.

Happy Supporters.jpg

This new pair keep creating surprising rally.  The opponent’s coach are really impatient and started to keep shouting to his players.  And I think that is why Jay and Aiden are able to create more trouble to the opponent’s team.

Jay & Aiden receiving serve 3.jpg

The opponent team keep on chasing…

As the team pull away with their score, they are closer to the victory.  Jay dance a bit to cerebrate.

The opponent keep chasing…


Match point.  The Pei Tong duo won the second set 21-17.  It is quite a close game too.

After the sweet first victory.  You can see Jay is very happy from his big smile.

Feel happy after the game look.jpg

Here comes the funny face again.

Great supporter.jpg

In the third game, Shu Han won the second match for Pei Tong and put Pei Tong in 2-1 lead.

Shu Han.jpg

But then Holy Innocent sent their “shorty” (may be P2 or P3 player) and he played very well and make Pei Tong’s third Single run back and forth and making tons of unforced error.  And the second double also lost to the “bigger size” duo from Holy Innocent.

Pei Tong lost 2-3 to Holy Innocent Primary School today.

It is great fun.


Jay, you did well!

And now, the message to the kids..

  1. Winning a game does not mean you will always win.  Opponents will be different, weather, environment, mood, strength will be different each time you play.  So, some time you will win, some time you will lose.  When you win, practice more to try to win again.  If you didn’t win, understand why and practice more to try to win next time.  Practice makes perfect.
  2. Stay calm during play.  Stay patient.  don’t be afraid.  Fear leads to Anger.  anger leads to hate.  Hate leads to suffering.  So, be happy when play.  Be fun when play.  Be cheerful when play.  Being sad will not help.  being angry will not help.  So, need to learn how to control the emotions.
  3. Be sporting.  Always shake hands and say hi.  win or lose.
  4. Focus.  Every points count.  Every serve needs focus.
  5. If you have taken any lessons outside the school CCA.  Always listen to what the coach says.  Learning foot work is boring.  Learning how to serve is boring.  But practice makes perfect.  So, try spent time to really listen what the coach in the class is teaching you.  I like the way how the opponent serve the shuttle.  All quite consistent.

I am glad that Jay’s first match representing the school end up happily.  I hope he will cherish every moment of it and further increase his self confidence.  This sort of feeling is important when you grow up.


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