Jay & Badminton Competition

Date: Dec 14, 2019

Jay has learned how to played badminton since P1 until now.

In the past, every week, he will attend 2 hours of training from Singapore Badminton School. During his Primary School years, he is in his school team, and have fun competing in the South Zone school competitions. He played double most of the time, and had won some games, and lost many too.

When he entered his Secondary School @SST, I tried to asked him to consider CCA like Astronomy club, Drama club, Media club, etc, but he eventually picked Badminton as his CCA.

SBS (Singapore Badminton Club) also re-grouped themselves this year, with new strategies, closing down all the satellite training center, and select and train the students only at SST indoor badminton hall. That was a big change, from Clementi to Chua Chu Kang training ground to SST which is located in Changi. That means, I have to drive both him and Kay to SST from Bukit Batok every weekend.

And his training was also increase to 4 hours.

This year he also start participating in badminton competitions.

To prepare for the Nov and Dec competitions, he and his brother increase the training hours to 8 hours per weekend since November.

And it is right to say that practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the more you get familiarize about the game.

He hates Single matches because Badminton Single he needs to run here and there (foot work) to cover the whole court. But yet, the basic is to get the Single foot work correctly then, you can play better in the Double.

So far, his draws are not that good. For example, first round first #1 seed, or partner with student that is 3 years older, and participate in U17 (under 17 years old) Double, etc. But luckily, such a cheerful boy always carry a big smile on his face, and will vow to work even more harder to improve himself.

After all, he played his Golf game well (last time), he has 3 junior black belt dans in Taekwondo, he recently almost completed his Python Robotics training, the one write codes in text based coding. He has been a very dedicated learner.

This is the story of his badminton latest journey.

A 4-days trip to JB with the SBS badminton squad. But because we need to fly out on Saturday night, so, I have fetched him back on the 3rd day of this badminton camp.

On Wednesday, I just dropped him off at the SBS HQ at Tampines and went to work. He so happy and looking forward to this camp. I heard he is going to play in a competition too in JB. But I warned him already, Malaysian’s standard usually very high because of the proper hours spent in training and less emphasis on academic.

At first I was a bit worried. And asked him not to bring so many bags. Then, the coach explained that they are going to take those 7-seaters van into JB. Then, I am more relax. Because if they would have taken the bus, they will need to walk down the bus and pass the customs respectively in Singapore and Malaysia with their luggage. But since he is sitting in the car, I guess it is ok to bring 3 bags. He will stay with the SBS squad in a hotel not far away from the competition arena.

See, so happy sitting behind.

(Video footage from SBS)

The hotel is not bad too. They are going to spend 3-4 nights here.

First day, they will check out the competition arena. Had their training there.

Of course, feeding them food is very important. Walau eh, see Jay at the end of table, big mouth eating the food.

The next day, I drove in to JB with my Fujifilm camera with 50-140mm f2.8 lens. Yes, I am going to take a few photos of Jay. I always say, keeping the best photos of kids activities is very important. Using iPhone (or Android) Phone can do the job, but hey, look at the size of the iPhone camera/lens, compare to the size of the DSLR or Mirrorless camera.

In physics terms, cannot compare. Smart phones sensor are way too small. That means, small sensors cannot collect a lot of lights. So, the photos will not be nice. May be it is nice showing in the phone, but when you try to print out, it will be sucked!! So, buy a proper camera, learn how to take manual shots is the way. But then, the smart phones is easy to carry, and they uses a lot of computational photography technique to make photo looks good. Hahaha So, it is your choice. I still stick with my Fujifilm camera.

Oh, he is joining this even. Albert Sport Badminton Open 2019.


I got hole of him just outside the badminton hall working out.

Good morning Jay, how’s your sleep? Must be good because the coach confiscate all the smart phones from student so that they can sleep well at night. Hahaha

It seems like an event, and I even see a lot of students wearing FYHS (Foon Yew High School) shirts. I am from FYHS JB too. Hahahaha

And interestingly, the announcer all speak in Bahasa Malaysia, so, these SBS students have to go up stage from time to time to check out the schedule. Hahahaha. Even the writings are in Malay.

There are 9 courts here.

I found the lighting not so good. But I guess, every one playing here so, those who can custom to the lights fast may have advantage.

OK, before the competitions do more work out.

Finally, his name got called. And need to go to the stage to prepare for the match.

Here, I video a few shots.

And the game started.

At the start of the game, I think not yet warm up. So, the reaction is slow.

Judgement is not so good also. Lost a few points here and there early in the match.

Then, the tides change a bit.

Jay saw the opportunity, start pickup more speed and play bravely. His coach also commented that he started to played well.

He dislike to pay Single game, and yet, this is his only game he participated. So, I think some where his mindset changed and say to himself, he must start to do well in Single too. Hahaha

Of course, when you start to pick up the pace, the opponent also start to lose some points on unforced errors.

And Jay also lose more points here and there… But in general I can feel that this is a different Jay that I have know since the last competitions where he got defeated badly.

And he pick up more points… chase the points one point by another.

This footage is probably one of the best rally he had for the game. Although he smashed it out, but clearly from this video, I can see all his hard work and efforts he has put in during the last 6 weeks, training 8 hours per week, and his foot work is on the correct path, and his agility is there, and the stamina and determinations are all there.

Good work Jay!!!

And one point by one point, and it certainly looks like he might has a chance to chase it back.

Another point…

And a serving mistake. Long and lose the match.

23-30 got defeated. But chase back a lot of points with smashes and good judgement.

I am very glad with this result and his performance.

Jay himself is please and can come back and talk about the match itself. And He definitely remember that long 30 seconds rally.

Coaches are happy, and tell me, he needs to reduce his tummy, and do more work out, and be more agile. They said he has improved greatly since his last outing.

I am very happy, because he no longer afraid of playing Single match.

Here are some of the photos I taken for his great performance.

I think my photo taking also improved la.

His coach is observing every move and give advise behind.

He is now more agile. Willing to run to the front with correct food work.

He also more willing to jump a little bit higher too.

His netting also improve a lot. Not so high Liao.

Break… and return foot work also improve a lot.

So, I think he will serve his school SST badminton squads well in the coming year.

Good work Jay, and keep going. (Haiz, I should have put him to all these competitions few years back… because last time, I didn’t want to pressure him, and make him lost confidence, so the only exposure in competitions is the school team participating in South Zone competition)

I also told him, lost Liao no worry. Pick up the camera and take photos of others.


Here are some photos snapshots of his team mates in action.

SBS player.

That blue shirt boy sitting there is one of the promising young player. I think only P3/P4 this year. Later I got a few shots of him too. The blue shirt and the white shirt sitting on the chair is their coaches.

My aim is to capture the best moment of these players in action.

At least got some photos can remember. And see how he jump so high.

Another SBS player.

Finishing by a smash.

Supporting the teammates is important too.

Cheering for the team.

SBS Squad girls team in action.

Trying to take the photo from different angle.

And yes, jump high and smash. Then, I capture all their smashing in action. All different.

Another SBS girl chasing the shuttlecock.

And return the shot.


Stretch out and return a drop shot.

All students are doing very well. Displayed highest quality of play.

Young player can jump high to smash too.

See how high he jumped.

When there is no match, it is good to “capture” a half-court. When you have many students, then, how do you share the court? Well, here is the answer. They played 1-point match. Whoever win the point get to stay on the court as long as you won. And loser go behind queue up again. Hahahaha

I like.

This is Wei Da, and he is very good.

Can also jump up high and smash.

Although his height is still short, but he can jump very high up.

Another SBS student.

See, different style in smashing.

Another young player.

With good ball sense.

Good return.

Supporting their team mates.

Jay also sit there supporting, but very talkative.

A great return again.

And a smash.

When teammates are playing… support them.

Another player from Singapore. This is from the DBTC squad from Singapore. And he is Jay’s pre-school mates. Hahahaha

Very focus.


OK, that’s all the photos.

Jay, You have start to do well in this badminton sport, please keep up the efforts. I think, next year we then talk about when you going to golf with me again. Hahahaha

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