Brevite Camera Bag

Date: Dec 8, 2019

If you looking for a camera bag, I think I should show you the bag I recently bought from the Brevite website.

It is a bag pack that is a camera bag.

Of course, you cannot place all the big lens in it, but for a walk around shooting, it is enough.

That’s the brand.

And I bought it from the website.

It is quite a good quality camera bag that does not looks like a camera bag.

So, I actually carry this onto the plane during my visit to Macau. (Without the tripod).

Let’s open up and see what I put in there.

I placed a deft of card there just in case, some one sit beside me and can play Dai-Di.

My portable battery, roaming hotspot, iPad. There are 4 pockets within this compartment.

This is the camera section. It is just underneath the compartment above.

I brought 2 lens with the camera in there. I can place 2-3 more lenses if I wanted to.

This is at the back. I can place A4 size thingy here. That means, my 12.9″ iPad Pro can also goes in there.

Of course, today I place the Pokemon weakness and strength card there. Hahahaha

At the top, I place my passport, condo life keys, car keys, at the zipper compartment. And my Nintendo Switch and my inflatable water hotter goes in there.

Oh ya, when you carry the bag, you can unzip the left side for easy access of my camera.

Once again, the front look. It is not too heavy due to the good design of the carrying strap.

Tripod goes into the left right side of the bag.

Easy access to camera from the left side.

It is configurable. You can just play around with the foam to fit your camera and lenses.

Another look at the camera compartment.

Of course, you cannot throw your bag to the ground as there are camera in there.

The tripod is securely fastened.

The A4 size back compartment.

Oh ya, at the back of the bag, there is a small zipper to put your passport and Handphone.

And I love my new bag.

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