Jay Can Cook – Grilled Binjal with Pork

Date: Dec 8, 2019

It’s Jay Jay cooking time. After he had learned the basic cooking skills, it is time for him to experiment and something new.

He should be able to open the fridge and get whatever he needs and cook a simple dish at any time.

We need 1x egg.

We need some pork meat.

Don Don Donki just open its latest store at JCube. So, it will be very convenient for us to buy good value meat from there.

Let’s use the Kurobuta meat. It is a Kind of pork mince. And I got it cheap from Don Don Donki.

Marinate the meat with sea salt, black pepper, and soya sauce.

Hmmm… He says, how about drip some Truffle oil into the meat too, to give a Truffle taste.

And here goes nothing.

Stir it up.

Wow, I think his skills has improved from the way he grab the chop sticks.

Now, let’s separate the egg white and egg York.

Egg white will go into the meat, and egg York will be painted onto the meat later.

And mommy has a gadget to do just that.

He found another brand of black pepper with fragrant salt… And used some of it.

Put some corn flour into the marinated pork meat too.

Cutting the bamboo shoot pickles from Japan. Let’s cut it into thin slice and cubes so to be fried later.

The knifing skill.

The idea is to fry these into crispy and put on top of the dish.

Now just need to experiment which size is best for frying.

He also cut it into long thin slice and place it in the air fryer. Not a good idea.

Cutting into the small tiny cubes is very time consuming, so he is trying to cut it bigger.

This is the bamboo shoot pickles.

OK, the main dish is to spread the marinated pork onto of the binjal slice and then use the fire torch to cook it.

Let’s cut the binjal.

Ya, he is using the small knife. Looks a bit dangerous cutting the binjal using the small knife. Hahahaha

But he get the job done.

Of course, there are some risk for a 13 years old to handle knife. But I thin it is ok la. He has to start some where.

Now, should we put on some miso paste? Let’s try the taste to see if it match or not match?

OK, we decided not to put miso paste as it is a bit too salty.

This is what we try to make.

Way, this young chef is very adventurist ya. He insists to put some miso paste just to try out. And spread a thin layer of pork, as the pork should be 100% fully cooked. Then spread a think layer of egg York for the coloring. Then, put butter, the bambo shoot pickles., etc.

Let’s heat up the Iron Cast pan. And place the binjal (egg plant) on it. So, the bottom part is grilled at even heat.

And let’s light up the torch.

And here goes the top cooking using 2x fire torch.

Ya, 13 years old playing fire. He likes it.

And completed the first batch. Looks ok.

And he will later cut it into 4 pieces. To let me, mommy and our helper and himself to try.

A bit burn. But it’s ok, still got many to try out.

And I explained that the reason why it burned is because the butter and egg is on top. Easy to get burn, so I am not sure the pork whether it is fully cooked.

OK, it seems it is fully cooked. Let’s eat.

Next batch, he spread the egg York on the egg plant before spreading the pork on it. Lesser burn.

But the taste is nice.

Here is the close up video of the cooking of the egg plant binjal.

Actually very dangerous of me doing so. The pan is very hot and the fire is very hot. Hahaha

Here are the rest… 矮瓜肉饼… Let’s call it this name.

Continue doing more.

He just simply love playing with fire. Hahahahaha

And of course, the remaining meat will cook with an egg.

End of experiment.

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