Japan Dec-12: It’s an Onsen Trip for the Parents

Date: Dec 18, 2012

I must say, this is the firsts time where me and my wife enjoy the trip so much, as we have done 9-10 times of Onsen during the 7 days trip.

On the first two night, we checked into this Japanese Onsen Ryokan called 宏乐园 Korakoen Onsen. Every night, we spend our quiet time in this fabulous lobby. The water and camomile tea are free. There are free magazines and tourist info too.

We choose to stay in a room without shower facilities. That means, we have to go to public bath for cleaning ourself up. But, in the room, it comes with normal toilet and this outdoor private Onsen.

The private Onsen has a magnificent view of the snow scene.

So, you think it’s cold? Yes! It is very cold. So, normally, what you do is, you put two feet into the Onsen pool for a minute or so. Don’t worry about your upper body. The blood passing thru your legs will immediately bring the warm blood up to your brain and upper body in no time.

This is a very interesting feeling. It is some what different from the private Onsen we have in our last trip to Mt. Fuji Kawakuchiko area. This time, we have lots of snow.

Once your body is fully heated up, you simply soak in the Onsen and enjoy.

Of course, private Onsen allows your family to do Onsen together.

We stay in Ayame room.

I done about 4 times of Onsen in this ryokan. I am very happy about it.

Of course, the most happy moment is to bring my two boys to shower them with Onsen water. They love it.

As for my wife, she is happy too.

Just in case you wondering why we put tower on our head, well, the weather is very cold. So, you soak the tower in the hot onsen for few second and place the wet hot tower on your head to keep your head warm. The cold air you breathe in goes thru your warm lungs and immediately it becomes warm air.

In the morning, around 7am, the sky is usually clear blue. There is not much wind too.

And of course, the fabulous food breakfast and dinner just after the shower and Onsen are usually satisfying.

And of course, when we moved to Hilton Niseko Village, there is Onsen at the 1st floor. Every night, after e tiring ski, I went to do Onsen once. There is also both indoor and out door Onsen at the Hilton.

The Onsen at the Hilton Hotel has lots of mineral had have strong charcoal smell too. Te taste is salty too. But it is very relaxing after soaking in the Onsen.

That pond you see in the following photo is Hilton’s Onsen originate from.

Next time when you plan a trip to Japan, don’t forget to look for a great hotel that has a good Onsen.

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