Do You Know That? HP Printer

Date:  Dec 1, 2014

I probably own this HP printer for more than 2 years.  It has been sitting there serving the family well.

IMG 3953

HP Printer.

A printer is a printer.

It prints out whatever thing you want it to print.

This is the model that we bought.

IMG 3954

Do you know that this little printer can do much more?

There is an “Apps” section under the menu.

We never press the “Apps” to check out what it offers.

I am sure many of you also like us, never bother go and check out this.

IMG 3956

Well folks, there are Apps that can be schedule to print out worksheets paper on daily, weekly or during exam time.

This is what printed out from this HP printer.

A comprehension worksheets.  Done by one of the publisher, SAP.

IMG 3943

Depending on which week you get it to print, the printer will print out assessment paper based on the topic most of the school will be teaching.

What does that mean?

It mean, you need not to go and buy assessment book for your kids to do while they are waiting for food, or nothing to do.  🙂

IMG 3944

This is what it comes with the HP printer, under the Apps section.

SAP education is one of the MOE publisher.

OnSponge has a couple of math books as well.  I myself has taken a 2 days course there to learn about Model Diagram to solve math problems.

IMG 3957

It has Crosswords.

IMG 3958

It has Comics Strips.  Can be printed on daily purpose.

IMG 3959

It has some kids activity paper. 

IMG 3960

How about Sudoku?

How about print a paper that has lines to fold paper planes.

IMG 3961

And many more.  It can even access to your google docs.

IMG 3962

Of course, more Apps are available.

IMG 3963

Let’s check out the SAP one.

IMG 3969

It allows you to print out “test papers”.

IMG 3974

Of course, it covers all the 4 subjects for primary school students.

IMG 3975

It covers all the 6 standards.  From P1 to P6.  They also have Secondary school one too.

IMG 3976

It’s pretty amazing.  This is local development.

IMG 3977

You can print out test papers.

IMG 3979

Schedule it to automatically print out on which days.

IMG 3981

Selection of the topics and subjects.

IMG 3982

For the OnSponge one…

IMG 3986

You can print out Weekly practice worksheets.

IMG 3987


HP has been around for so many years in Singapore.

Their Asia Pacific HQ is in Singapore.

The printer divisions has done a great job in integrating these “local contents” on the printer.

Printer now getting smarter.

We own this printer for almost a couple years and only knew about this features like last week.

It is a wonderful feature.



  1. i am hunting for a printer for my kids. your well documented APPs feature of HP printer open my eyes. certainly will check out the latest HP printer that bundled with all these fantastic exam papers. thanks, Sir.

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