Cook With Boon – Cheesy Macaroni

Date:  Dec 1, 2014

Today, let’s make a simple kid’s meal.

Cut some carrots and juice it!

IMG 4123

One full cup of carrot juice.

IMG 4122

Instead of water, replace it with carrot juice.

Put in the flour and turn on the Noodle Machine.

Slowly pour the carrot juice into the Noodle Machine.

IMG 4126

Use the Macaroni head.

IMG 4128

The pouring has to be consistently slow.

IMG 4130

This carrot juice will be blended into the noodle/macaroni we about to make.

IMG 4131

You can see the flour is turning inside with a orange colour hint.

This is very healthy.  

Carrots good for your eyes.

IMG 4137

Here comes our macaroni.

IMG 4135

Home made Macaroni.

IMG 4139

Boiled a pot of water.

Add in some olive oil and a bit of salt in the water.

Boil the macaroni.

Once done, mix it with this Creamy Cheese Pasta Paste.

You can get this from Cold Storage or any Super markets that sell it.

It is very delicious and creamy.

IMG 4140

INA PAARMAN is the brand ya!

IMG 4141

Once mix, it looks like this.

Home made macaroni is fresh.

IMG 4148

And the kids love it!

They can eat a whole big plate of it.

And they don’t even know that we have mix carrots inside their food.  HaHaHaHa…

IMG 4151

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