Taekwondo Board Breaking Fun

Date:  Aug 19, 2014

Last Sunday, was the first time for Kay Kay attend the Board Breaking Seminar.

I am surprise that they allow Kay Kay to join in the class.  As you know, Kay Kay only a been promoted to yellow tip just last 2 weeks.

There are so many things that Kay Kay has not learn, but yet, he is going to perform these technic to try to break a board.

Of course, before the class, we have prepare him that… 

“Not every one can break all the board.”

“It does not matter if you break nothing.”

I shoot some of these video using Slo Motion feature on iPhone.  Quite Cool!

IMG 9081

This is where he learned how to do the jumping kick. 

HaHaHa.. It is funny for him to learn this.  But he managed to learn it well.  HaHaHa.

As usual, Jay Jay is the first one who went up to break the board.  HaHaHa.. He has attended so many times.  This is his 3rd board breaking seminar.

And the first try, he did not manage to break it.  HaHaHaHa.

The time has come.  It is Kay Kay’s turn.

And he has done it!  Well done!  Kay Kay.

He probably is the youngest in class.  I think you look at Rivas’s expression, I think he did not think Kay can break it.  hahaha

Jay Jay tried breaking 3 boards.  And he has done it too.  Well done!

Jay says “Don’t mess with me!”

Because he does not know how to do the weight transfer from his hip and movement, of course, Kay Kay cannot break this board.

IMG 9132

The third one is the most difficult, which is breaking the board while jumping in the air.

Well done Jay Jay!  Broke every board he has.

IMG 9148

Yeah!  This is the board I break!

IMG 9159

Yeap!  Every one gets to keep their board.

IMG 9160

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