Lego Robotics Fun

Date:  Apr 16, 2016

Every kids loves Lego.  No doubt about it.

When Lego combines with a brain (CPU), it helps to boost the kids creativity.

Here is the previous two weeks projects the kids has been working on.


Kay Kay’s attacking snake.

Jay Jay’s rattling snake.

And Jay’s snake is a more sophisticated one that can mimic the real snake attack bite.

I must say, although they do not deal with the real programming languages yet, but the drag and drop programming method already got them into programming thinking..


Ever since Kay Kay has been promoted to program the NXT (previously using Wedo), he is so happy each time I see him.  Both of them learn the Robotics in Wonderworks @ Liang Court.


Its a Robot race.


And his caterpillar wins!

And Jay Jay build the arm wrestling robot.

Robotics and programmings are not really a MOE curriculums.  But the kids loves it.  And sometimes can be very addictive.

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