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Date:  Apr 24, 2018

Here are some daily thoughts…

Since this year is PSLE year, so, I decided to spent more time with Jay Jay.

This morning, I see him doing an assessment book the tuition teacher gave.

So, he did a couple of questions, and all of it are correct!!!

Wait!!! Should I be happy?  Or not?

Here is my story today….

Daddy: “Jay, since your Oral is coming, why don’t you read out the questions to practice.”

Jay started to read the questions and answers.  And along the way, he does not know some of the words and I asked him to highlight it.

And this is the amazing part.  He actually got all the 6 questions correct!  But he does not know how to read or what’s the meaning of those words that is highlighted.

What does it mean?

It mean, the students are trained to answer questions.  They are trained to learned targeted learning words.  When they do the exercise, somehow, magically  they know how to “deduce” out the answers.

“Deduce” answers mean also guessing the answers.  When they got the answer correct, they will think that they learned the topic already.

Wow!! I don’t think that is the way how I want my kids to learn.

Daddy: “From now on, when you do the exercise, you have to learn all those new words that you don’t know, don’t understand, etc.”

Daddy: “Some of the sentence, is great and can be used in your composition too.”


For 语文应用, Jay usually will look at all the answers and try to find the correct one.

I asked him to get a Pokemon card, and then, he blurr.

I asked him to use the Pokemon card, to COVER the answers.  And read the questions.  And asked him if he can guess, what the answer might be.  He usually can guess may be 1 answer.  But that is good enough.

Then, I asked him to remove the card and search for correct answer.  And every since, he is confident to find the answers this way.  He will use his hand to cover the answers first to “guess” what the answer might be, and then, uncover the answer to see if he is right.

Learning this way, can actually improve his Chinese correctly.


Yesterday, we did again, another composition.  It was a very simple composition.  But Jay really right it very simply.


Here is what he come up with.

It’s nothing wrong.  He is describing the scene he sees.  But he did not express much feeling about it.  I specially don’t like his “After 5 min”, “We played for 1/2 hour”…  I asked him, how can you be so precise.

And the “?” picture, he did not write a lot.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 7.03.29 AM.png

So, I continue my training to him… in my way… not sure right or wrong.. but in my way…

  1. When?  Labour day.  Labour day falls on a weekday.  So, usually there is not much CCA during weekday.  So, we go picnic.
  2. What is the feel like?  When daddy suggest we go picnic.  Yeah… We really long time never been there and done that…
  3. Never write Daddy or mommy asking me to do this and that.  Should always say… When the car stop, we helped daddy mommy to bring things out.  Grown up kids cannot always daddy mommmy asking you to do things.
  4. I gave an idea that the music is playing loudly and it attracts the birds flying over.
  5. Suddenly, “gu dong gu dong”.. the sound came from stomach.  You can use this to describe hunger.
  6. Here comes my “?” story.  My sister saw some little sea turtle hatched and crawling back to the sea.  That will be a good story line.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 7.05.24 AM.png

To end today miniblog… I saw this quote from the friend’s facebook posting.  I found it relevant.

Do not pretend you are very hardworking because the result usually will not act together with you.  (direct Chinese translation)  hahahahahaha


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