Superfood – Gac Fruit

Date:  April 25, 2017

I bought this from one of the stalls in Suntec (an event between Tower 1 and Tower 2).

This is called Gac Fruit.  This is the first time I eat a Gac fruit.


What is a Gac fruit?  Gac fruit is a fruit from Vietnam and it is a superfood.  It has the highest antioxidant and have many health benefits.


There is a nice write up of Gac fruit when you google it.

All I know is it is good for your eyes.  My son has been drinking Gac fruit juice since very young until now.  I think that is part of the reason that they still have perfect eye sight.


Let’s take a good look at this Gac fruit.

Let’s cut it open.  Wow!!!

It has seeds (red seeds) and the meat.


After removing the seeds.


The seeds looks like chempedak with a big seed and thin meat.


The seeds has a little tiny bit of sweetness in there.


Take a good look at the seed, wow.  Each seeds has a pattern on it.


See, the two seeds with different unique pattern.  Wow. It is indeed a fruit made in heaven or is it an Alien fruit?  Is there a message here?


See, different pattern again on the third seed we washed.


Take a good look at the seeds, it is just like the rubber tree seeds each seed has unique signature pattern.  hahaha


Let’s try it.  The seller actually has warned me that the fruit itself is tasteless.  So, I might need to add honey to it to make it sweeter.  hahaha

IMG_9623 2.jpg

It does taste a bit like avocados.  We like it.


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