Taekwondo and Sparring

Date:  Apr 28, 2018

Jay has been learning Taekwondo since 6 years old.  He just gotten his 3rd Poom belt not long ago.  And it seems that he is going to continue and try his best to get 4th Poom belt before he turns 15 years old.  After that, he will need to convert all these poom belt into proper black belt thru STF.


Kay has another 1 month to enter the 2nd Poom STF grading.  So, every day, he is practicing hard on this pattern.

Here is Kay doing competition class.  They learned how to kick, push, and kick and defence.

The more classes they attend, they actually improve in their fighting skills.

I like this one, the kick is powered and precise.

I think I have make a good choice to place both Jay and Kay into the competition sparring training program.  As the name suggest, in the competition sparring class, they teach you how to do defence and offence as if you are in a competition.  If you remember, Kay got a silver medal from the Koko Crunch Taekwondo Competition few weeks ago after he attended just 6 lessons.  So, every since then, I put both of them into this class.

Of course, as long as the weight and the height is similar, your opponent can be a girl too.

I can remember when I first put Jay and Kay into this class.  The first few lessons both of them were like crying during and after the class.  Why?  Because, each kick and each punch is with power.  That is why if the kick and punch miss the protective gears, of course you will feel P-A-I-N.  Real pain.  Pain that makes you cries.

But as they attended more and more classes, they already learn how to defence themselves.  They also learn how to find holes to attack.

OK, here are the pros of entering the competition sparring training class.


  1. This is where they learn how to really do sparring, a.k.a fighting.
  2. Comparing to normal sparring class, the coach will teach more defensive and offensive move.  Every week, they will drill on these move and make you agile.
  3. You get the chance to spar with different classmates.  Sometimes, you fight with the girl, sometimes you fight with people that is taller than you, sometimes, you fight with people that is more stout than you.
  4. So, you slowly learn and increase your experience.


Now, of course, there will be downside.  Sometimes they will have injury.  Every class, I see people crying.  Hahahaha

So, every week, I will have to remind them over and over again… to be really careful.  To make sure protect all your body.

But sometimes, your kick and your punch does not have eyes on them.  So, accident may happen.  So, wearing Groin guard is an excellent idea.  🙂

Last week, look at how Jay accidently kicked the visiting black belt student from Bangkok.

O-U-C-H.  That must hurt a lot.  OK, Sawadee.. Next time wear groin guard.

This week, Jay did it again.  Again, it is a back thrust, and his kick accidently kick towards the lower body part.

This time his classmate did wear groin guard, but still it is pain enough for him to drop to the floor.

So, the lesson learned here is… with or without groin guard, there is always a chance that you got injured by your opponent.  So, you must learn the proper way to defence, and learn how to protect yourself first.  Injury will tends to happen very often.





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