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Date: Apr 29, 2018

I saw this Pokefi in Hong Kong International Airport last year.  It was sold out in every electrical stores in HK Airport.

So, when I came back to Singapore, I immediately ordered one from their website.  And 3 weeks later, the device came.  And I have been using it since then.  I think I went to Setiawan, KL and Bangkok with it.  And I still have about 600Mbps data left before top up.


This is how it looks on my hand.  Very small and handy.


I easily fit this into my pants pocket and carry it around.


Very simple device.  Only 1x USB port for you to charge the battery.


Once connected to the Pokefi Wifi hotspot, you can check your usage as well as the battery life.


If you need to top up, simply go to this website.

5GB for USD$15 – it is about SGD$20.    That is the package I would top up.


These are the countries they covered.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 8.10.07 AM.png

I bought it at US$169 from their official website.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 8.10.26 AM.png

OK.  One thing I like about it is it has 12 hours of battery life.  And I have tested it, and it comes pretty close to that 12 hours.  It is 10-12 hours depending on how you use it.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 8.10.58 AM.png

What I used to use when roaming?

I usually will subscribe to SingTel unlimited daily plan, i.e. S$19 per day.

However, one thing I always complaint is its performance.  For example, when I was in Setiawan during Chinese new year, because a lot of others SingTel users also go overseas or go back Malaysia, the roaming network usually will be jammed.

I think SingTel build a private pipe to Maxis for roaming purpose.  When you roam with SingTel, your data traffic usually will be carried back to Singapore via this roaming pipe.  (That is why when you roam, when you do a traceroute, the route goes back to SingTel network in Singapore).

So, during festive seasons, a bad idea to use Singtel roaming.  It is totally not usable.

What is the alternative?

You can buy local sim card.  So, you have to find a shop and just buy it.  But the local sim cards will come with various plans, so, you got to buy the correct sim card for your need.

I only have 1x iPhone.  So, usually, I will not change the sim card.

It is also quite troublesome, because when you run out of credits, you will need to go find another sim card or simply go thru the complicated top up processes.

Or you can buy a 4G WiFi hotspot dongle where you can place the Sim card in there.

But if you travel to multiple countries, you will have to repeat this buying local sim card process many times.


How PokeFi works?

PokeFi is like a WiFi Hotspot router.  But it comes with build in e-sim.  Means, the provider (i.e. PokeFi) can PUSH any simcard into the PokeFi whenever needed.

For example, when you travel to Bangkok, and turn on the PokeFi.  PokeFi will then search for the Telco in its data bank.  And then, magically enable its e-sim to load up that Telco in bangkok, and it is like you have a Telco Sim Card in your Wifi Dongle like that.

So, you don’t have to go queue up and buy local Sim Card.

So, it is convenient.  And since the Sim Card is a local sim card (pushed down to your e-sim) you enjoy the same speed as compared to the local sim card.

So, just imagine, when you are in Setiawan during Chinese New Year time, your SingTel roaming usually very slow, but when you use the PokeFi, you can stream music movies and so on.

So, I am slowly phasing out SingTel roaming.

Of course, compare to buying your own local sim card, this PokeFi can be a bit more expensive too.  But it is all up to you.

In the market, there are many of such players available.  But be sure to buy the one that is sleek, slim, light, easy to carry, and covers most places.



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