Miniblog – USB Stick When You Travel

Date:  Apr 29, 2018

This is what I will usually do when I travel to overseas.

  1. Copy all my favourite shows onto the USB stick.
  2. And the USB stick I got is special, iLuun, as it comes with 128G memory plus it is a WiFi hotspot Dongle.  That means, your iPhone, iPad can connect WiFi to this USB stick and stream videos or music from there.
  3. Nowadays, most of the hotel will equip with Smart TV.  Samsung or LG or Sony.  All will have USB port behind.  Simply stick this USB Stick into the USB port, you can use the remote to control what show you want to watch on the Media Player app on the TV.
  4. Well, it is big screen with louder volume.  So, it is much better.
  5. Don’t forget to plug out and bring home the USB stick when you check out.  🙂


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