Eat Durians in JB

Date: May 6, 2022

I have never thought of eating Durians in JB. I don’t even know where to eat it!

So, after my Desaru Golf trip, my friends suddenly have craving of eating durians. So, I picked up my phone and call my brother, Kevin, where can I sit down and eat durians in JB. A few minutes later… he texted back with an address.

He asked me to drive towards Sutera Mall and U-turn, and I will see it beside the road.

The store is called Musang King – Ah Shui Durians. This is their truck.

Here is the link.,103.658779&q=Dropped%20Pin&_ext=EiYp6Eur/3QF+D8xGiI/49fpWUA5ovtlhEAq+D9BljdWHmvqWUBQBA%3D%3D&t=r

This is their name card. You can also scan the QR-Code to get their info.

This is the map. May not makes a lot of sense.

Check it out. This is the store. It has quite some tables for you to eat. It has the durian stores outside. It has the fruit stores inside the building. Beside it, there is another durian store, but not many people there. I think it is their competitors. There is also a plants nursery there, like Far East Flora like that.

OMG. Look at all the durians. I think it is so different from 717 in Singapore. or the Durian stalls downstairs. It is … it is… much much bigger.. hahaha

I asked him what is the best durian, which is bitter. So, they point to me this. Black Gold Musang King. 1kg RM68. So, we order one to try. It is huge.

Here it is. The meat is so yellowish. It smell so nice! So good.

Then he says, there is an “Organic” version too. With no pesticides, not chemicals, and so on.

This is the one which is organic. And it taste very good too. Much more richer taste. Very nice.

So the Organic one cost RM78/kg.

The organic Black Gold has this black markings.

Then, there are 4 of us, so we ask for another one. He recommended this I cant remember what is the name. But he reminded us to eat this before eating the Black Gold.


All the three durians… So big. And this is our dinner!!!! yeah!

And it was so good.

So, now I know where to sit down and eat durians in JB. hahaha

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