First Golf Trip After Pendemic

Date: April 7, 2022

Welcome to the Covid-19 endepic era. Thanks to hard work of both Malaysian and Singapore govenment to open up the “land” borders at both Causeway and Tuas Link. From April 1, 2022, as long as you have 3x doses you can cross the border without any test, etc.

In this blog entry, I will try to share what is my experience crossing the border.

Yesterday, I arranged a golf trip to Forest City @ Johor Bahru.

My last visit here was Feb-20, 2020. I came here with my usual golf kaki to JB/Batam, i.e. Weng Hong and Choon. The lady golfer is my golf booking agent – Sally. She booked all the courses in JB for us. Later I will share her golf promotion info in this blog entry.

I must mentioned this. Usually we have Ron coming with us too. But this time, he can’t join us because his parents saw that whatsapp video about motobikers robbing cars travelling on North South Highway.

FAKE NEWS! You might have received this too in your tik-tok, whatsapp, facebook, or whatever social media. Please take note, this is a very very long ago video and it happened don’t know when, may be 2000-2005, it happened don’t know where, and it is some drunk bikers doing silly things on the highway. So, when you receive such video, please ignore it. Just look at the resolution of the video, you can guess it is taken from a low resolution handphone (which mean is many many donkey years ago lah).

Well My friend Ron’s parents were nagging and tell him cannot join golf drive into Malaysia together with us. Not only my friend, from other friends group, I also see this video circulating around. And the first questions they ask is “Is is safe to go into Malaysia?”

Well, I have gone into Malaysia 3 times since April 1, as far as I can feel, it is very safe. Don’t be silly get affected by such fake news fake video from the past lah. Hahahaha. North South highway is very safe! It is a tolled highway. So, there are many CCTV at the toll stations. So there is no robbery on highway!!! hahahahaha

I am sharing the video here so that you know which one I am talking about.

Now, back to the main point.

What do I need to do to get into Malaysia.

About My Sejahtera

  1. You need to download the MySejahtera app onto your mobile phone. MySehahtera app is similar to our TraceTogether app.
  2. You can register an MySejahtera account using either your phone number or Email Address. For me, I used my phone number.
  3. For Singaporeans, I think there is a glitch/bug on MySejahtera app. I am not sure if they have fixed it now or not. When you enter the address, there is no way to choose “Singapore”. So, what you can do is to enter your Singapore address, and choose “Johor” as the state. As for postal code, you can just enter 5 digit code such as “80300” (my Taman Pelangi postal code). A lot of people has done so and get thru. :). Take note that you will find out later that you are listed as “Malaysian”. Don’t worry about it. As said, it is a glitch, and just simply accept that fact.
  4. Once you have done the registration, you can login into your MySejahtera app.
  5. You will need to submit a soft copy of your Vaccination Record (which you can get it from MOH website or You will need that copy, either save a PDF copy on your mobile phone (so that you can browse and select it) or you can just read the email form and snap shot the QR codes. (There are four QR codes, the master one, the 1st shot, 2nd shot and 3rd shot-Booster shot). Keep these image or PDF handy. If you obtain the PDF from the TraceTogether app, it is called “Vaccination Report” (this PDF files does not have any QR codes inside the document). Some people has submitted this without problem as they claimed. For me, I submit the PDF from the The first photo below is the Vaccination Report (simplify version), the next two photos is the Vaccination Certificates and the QR codes (i red cross it). For safety, please print a hard copy of this and keep it handy in your car.

7. In MySejahtera, go to help desk, and select “I have received my vaccinatinn overseas and would like to obtain my digital certificate in MySejahtera” option. And then, you fill in all the details. For me, I done this two times. First time, I select “Both Doses”, and fill in info for both doses. and upload the same PDF file, i.e. Vaccination certificate. Some people claims that their app cannot upload PDF file, then, you go photo to select the master QR code of your vaccination certificates. Second time, I select “1st Booster Shot”, and do the same thing as before. OK, some people claims that when they choose “1st Booster shot” and they can fill in all 3 shots info, but I cannot recreate this on the MySejahtera app from my iPhone. OK, there is no confirmation notes, no email reply, etc etc when you do this submission. You just have to wait patiently for 3 days to 5 days. If still not reflect, then it means you have done something wrong. So, you will need to resubmit again. and again… Good luck!

  1. Anyway, the important thing is to upload this. It will take 3-5 days to get it approve. Once you get it approved, your MySejahtera app will have this shown as “Fully Vaccinated” (yelow color).

7. In case that you only upload 2x doses and you are younger than 60 years old. But it shows only “Partially Vaccinated”. That means, you did not update the birthday info in your profile, go into your profile and update your birthday. After done so, it will turn into “Fully vaccinated”. Please take note, if you have “Partially Vaccinated” shown, you will need to quarantine for 5 days. Because you did not fill in your birthday some times they will just default you to > 60 years old. wahahahahaha. Any way, I took a nice photo of my self and update the profile section with my birthday info.

8. Now, if you are travelling soon, go to the “Traveller” option, and select “Travel for <Your Name?”. And fill in everything there. Just fill in whatever info needed, i.e. Malaysia address, just give hotel address, phone number just give Singapore phone, etc. This is the equavalent of White Card / Health declaration. The purpose is to obtain the “Travel Card”. Since I am in out quite often, I select Frequent Travellers Card, i.e. by saying that you will go into Malaysia more than 1 time.

About VEP and Touch N Go Card

  1. For the first day of entering, SG toll is at $0.80. The toll charges in JB side are WAIVED during April 1-7 only. So I suggest you drive in during Apr 1-7 just to tap your Touch N Go card. ie. so to revive it’s activation status.
  2. At the moment, no VEP is required. For those who has done it, great! For those who has not done it, I think just visit the VEP website and get it done.
  3. The VEP in Malaysia is done using RFID. So, you will need to arrange an appointment to install the RFID once you register an account for your car. Once you have done so, just print and bring along the appointment email. (not that you will really do it).
  4. You will have to have a TouchNGo eWallet app tied to your RFID. When you pass toll, the eWallet will automatically get deducted. So it is very conveniet. It is like WeChat pay too.
  5. I heard that you can buy the RFID and get it delivered to a Malaysia address and you can install the RFID at your headlight there. My brother has done it. But the silly part is they only delivered to Malaysia address only.
  6. For the first 7 days, toll are free. But you still need to tap your Touch N Go card to sort of reactivate it if the expiry date is still far away.
  7. If you go inside the Touch N Go eWallet app, you can add the Touch N Go card onto the eWallet app, it will tell you the status of your cards.

8. so after you have driven your car in, and tap the cards. your last transactions is showed as per updated. Yeah! That means, my card is still active for another year. You must tap it once every 12 months to get it active until the End date.

9. Please take note, nobody knows yet what will happen after April 7. Will those who has not gone into Malaysia yet, still shown as ACTIVE? There is only few outcomes. a) Malaysia decided to extend it to another date. b) Malaysia stop giving free toll. So, every one must get a new card or somehow get their card reactivated. The portal to give the above info is so, please go and register an account. Add all your card into this portal. Please take note, only those cards that is registered can ask for refund. I have no idea what is the refund process, go seach google on it.

10. I went it 3 times, except for early morning 6am trip, there is always the Touch N go people around that can help you to check your balance. So, you may ask them what to do if your card is expired, is suspended and so on.

11. No need travel insurance. For land traveling to Malaysia.

Now back to my trip. For April 1-7, the traffic is unbelievable light. No jam at all. I can reach home within 35min from JB home to SG home. 🙂

It takes us 40 minutes to travel from Telok Belangah to Bukit Indah. There are so many eating place here. Just key in 9118 bukit Indah, you will reach here. A whole streach of makan places.

Here is my breakfast. RM2 Nasi Lemak.


And the Cheong Fun with Niong Tau Foo

We really enjoy this before golf game.

All my golf game booked thru this KK Golf Kaki Enterprise. Sally is on the right. She is a golfer who plays may be 5-6 days a week. What a great retirement activity. To contact her, you can whatsapp her at +6019-7117323.

Her golf is very good. You know because Ron cannot make it, so I asked her to join our flight. She very sporting and join us. So, she partner me to take on Choon and Hong. We played even. I think I don’t have to do work, and at hole 14, we already up by 6-holes. Wahahahaha

Once golf game is booked, you can pay her in PayNow or Direct payment to her Malaysia account.

This is what she will sent me once my game is booked.

Or you can pay to the Singapore bank Paylah.

Here is the promotion during April first week. Here are some numbers down there, so you can just call her, text them and make the booking. We have been using her service for many years. This is the first time I met her in person. 🙂

One of the big question is the golf course maintained well? I took some videos, and photos, you see for yourself.

Forest City Classic Course – First Hole.

Weng Hong teeing off.

Hole #2. Long par 5.

The convenient store who sell the beer cheap cheap is closed within Forest City Golf Resort Hotel. That means, you can only buy beers from the restaurant. It is RM230 for 10 bottles. And yes, they only have bottles, no cans. They can loan you the bottle opener.

Beer is expensive. So, it is better you buy from the petrol station, cheaper. 🙂

Hole #3. Par 3.

Hole #4.

Hole 5 got hidden longkang.

Dont know why got many such putts. hit the pin and jump out.

Another Par 3. Choon teeing off. I think hole 6.

He birdie this hole.

Hong miss a shot again. (excuse my language in here).

Surprisingly, the golf course condition is nice.

Sally chipped close to flag. Pro. Hole 7.

The green codition is good.

Hole #9. Right side water.

Passing rain. Light rain and drizzling. But it is passing.

Hole #10. Still drizzling. Wahahaha. excuse my friend. he 2.5 years never play.

You know when it will rain, so please bring your rain coat.

A big bunker in front. Par 3 I think.

Geen is consistent. Nice.

I hit my first ball to the left, miss by 10m, and I hit my second ball to the right, miss by 10m, if you want to cross the water in hole 16, from white tee, you must hit your driver straight and at least 200-220m. hahaha I end up hitting my 5 iron from red tee for fun. and it crossed.

Very good shot!

The last hole.

After the golf. We go EcoNest ShunFah to eat Bak Kut Teh. So big pot, add all sort of things, best ribs, pork instestines, etc etc with clay pot liver, clay pot wine chicken, veggies, etc. RM150 only. hahahaha

Very nice.

Next a 2 hour massage plus BaGuan. Usually I will go to the foot massage place just beside the car wash place which is the same owner. But yesterday they only have one shifu. So I want to go to the Wan Jia where I have membership card. And it is close down. We end up at 玉足阁which is at the passed macdonald junction there, around there.

Feel really good after the masssage.

What about the car? Since I have 3 hours. So I let them do all sort of things. Wah. turned out to be great! so clean, even the engine compartment.

When I say I want to take a photo, they quite professioinal bring out their marketing material.

Then before we go home. We head back to the Bukit Indah food area. Eat some simple food and head home. No jam at all.

I am very sure it will go back to normal within the next few months. Traffic jam will be back. For now, since it is not jam, better enjoy it. hahaha

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