Gadgets – Xiaomi Digital Air Pump Inflator

Date: Feb 12, 2021

I just checked. I didn’t have a gadget blog entry about this product that can inflate my bicycle tyre.

This is the Xiaomi Digitak Air Pump. Very portable. Small. And I got it from Xiaomi shop.

It is so convenient. Whenever I ride my bicycle, I will have this in my front pouch.

Just do a simple search “Xiaomi air pump inflator”, Shopee selling for S$42.90

Lazaa also got people selling… at S$52.90

But I think the best is to buy it from the Official Xiaomi store in Singapore la.

Of course, if you wantm you can also order it from Taobao. It is about RMB170. About S$35 plus or minus depending on where you buy it from. But with shipping… It will be close to $40-$45 like that. So, still best option is buy from the Xiaomi store in Singapore. hahaha

On Chinese New Year eve, my friend larry called me early in the morning to borrow it. So, we test it out on pumping the tyre on his car. One of the tyre run out of air, because of this nail.

Let’s see how it do. We start pumping, at 007 psi. That is how much air left in the tyre.

Larry has its own air compressor. Unfortunately, it broke down.

Now, you put the both air pump side by side. You can see the size difference.

The Xiaomi Air Pump slowly pump the air into the tyre. It has reached 29 psi at this point.

And after 12 minutes, it has reached 36 psi. So we went for breakfast at a near by coffee shop. After the breakfast, that tyre pressure dropped down to 26 psi. And then, we drove to Shell Auto to fix the tyre. The uncle there pull the nail out and fix it within 10min and charge only $12.

It is a nice thing to have. And it has been tested on bicycle, and now it has successfully pumped a car tyre.

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