Korean Army Stew Convenient Pack

Date: Feb 11, 2021

This is Korean Army Stew. Before Feb 2, I have never eaten Army Stew before. A friend of mine decided to sell this Army Stew online, so, she passed a pack for me to try out.

Army Stew is a Korean dish. It is called Budae Jjigae in Korean. It is a fusion stew which incorporates American style processed food such as spam, sausages, canned baked beans and slice cheese. This dish is created shortly after the Korean war.

After I tasted the first pack, it was very good, and my family likes it. So, I go on to get 2 more pack last week, and then now I order 2 more this week. The box in the following picture may change, because she is trying out new outfit for his Army Stew. 🙂

Let’s do an unboxing. Usually I unbox techie stuff, today, I will unbox the Army Stew.

Out from the box, it is another plastic bag. And If you are not eating today, you can put this straight into the fridge. Usually, I take out the Ottogi noodle and stuff everything inside fridge. The seller says can keep for 5 days.

I ordered it from this place. Momo Budaejjigae. You can search on Facebook, and then like the page, and you can get all the info there. There are on Instagram too.

So, I order 2-3 pax package. And the cost is $16.80 per pack.

If you are want order, you can Whatsapp or call the following number shown in the invoice. And they will sent it to your home next day. I think give them 1-2 days in advance.

Payment is via Paynow to 98450141.

Let’s unbox it.

This is what’s inside the package.

Perhaps the most important thing is this soup base pack. I heard they made it themselves after mixing and trying and tasting it for couple of years to the taste they like, their friends like, their relatives like. Now, me and my family like. Hahaha

Sweet soup base. Not so spicy. But nice. Just the taste I like.

The kimchi is a must. Of course, if you really likes it, and it happens that your fridge has more kimchi, then, you can add more.

The canned baked beans taste really nice in the soup. Hahahaha.

The rice cake, the green onions and cheese!!!!

I didn’t know by adding the cheese, the soup based taste even better. For me, I added in one more cheese slice of my own.

The processed meat. The ham, and Korean luncheon meat. Of course, you can add more.

The Mushrooms. And 金针菇. My son Jay loves the mushroom.

The tofu.

And perhaps the most important ingredients. The Ottogi Noodles. For me, I like it very soft (old guy la), so, I put everything in and stew it. Some of my friends wants it Q-Q, or crunchy, so they added in last.

The way to cook it is simple. Simple open up everything and dump everything inside. OK, then, slowly add water. I tried adding 1L of water, but it does not seems enough. So, add in 1.5L of water will be just nice. Later if not enough, add in some more.

And of course, if you want to do it properly, then, you can design how it should look. This is the do it properly version.

Remember, add in 1.5L to 1.8L or water.

Your Pot should look like this.

And cook it for 20-30 minutes. In medium fire.

One last look. Before we cover it.

As I said it earlier. You can add pork. Beef. And meat balls, etc etc.

Get good quality meat from Don Don Donki. Usually I also put this cook together. $15.27 nia.

Hokkaido snow beef from Don Don Donki as well. This is fantastic Wagyu. And it is $29.80 nia.

See … so nice… From Don Don Donki…

As said, no one stopping you to go and buy beef from Media-Ya. Like this one. Ito-Wagyu. But expensive lor. This one will treat my sister, nieces & Nephew who I called them Koreans who is coming tomorrow on CNY day. This one, you see it yourself la the price. So, when I say go buy meat from Don Don Donki, and it is cheap. Means it is cheap. Hahahahahaha

If very cina must eat Jiao-zi… (Dumplings)

Or you can put fancy things like this… No idea what is it… I think is Honey Crab?? haha You get the idea.

Oh, not to forget the Kimchi…

After you stewed it, the taste is very very nice.

Don’t forget you can buy more noodles.

They all love it.

Feel free to add more cheese.

Oh ya, just to see how other people selling it… I search on Shopee … this guy sold 550 of Army Stew at $29.90. Seems like it is a very popular dish.

Scroll down furthur. There is another one, but this one is the paste alone only.

Time to add water and add pork too…

Bird’s eye view…

And my son loves it.

Now, let’s do some conclusions.

  1. I am a lazy person. I like to cook my things fast. So, this Army Stew is perfect for me. As I actually can host a small party with it. And All I need to do is to add water and buy nice pork and nice beef. Let it stew, and supply more noodles.
  2. The taste of the soup base is nice. Sweet. Even after second round, I added in more water, the taste of the soup is good.
  3. You can add whatever you like. I suggest to get it from Don Don Donki. Cheap compared to Isetan and Medi-ya.

See, I have small high school friends gathering, don’t even need to put in a lot of efforts, just place the wok in the middle and let it stew/cook. And all love it. hahaha

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