My Feng Shui @ 2021

Date: Jan 9, 2021

Beginning of every year, I will do the following… Hope that we have another great year. Last year 2020 was a great year. So, I think this year will be another great year for me.

  • Throw away those Feng Shui accesories such as the 五行塔 (five element pagoda),葫芦 (Wulu), which already fulfil their protection purpose and absorbed all the bad energy of the year 2020. You do so by placing them in a red plastic bag and throw away.
  • For those Feng Shui enhancement accessories that can be re-used, you will need to renew and refresh their energy. So, wash them using salt water and re-enchant them. Of course I asked my most trusted friend and Feng Shui master to come and do it for me.
  • Make sure you put some pure salt and some flowers in it to wash those past years enchanted accesories.

My friend Roselyn will do the rest.

  • So many….

  • Look at the Flying star chart of the year 2021, and redo some of the enchantment. Those sector in the house that need more protection, make sure you protect it. Those that can bring extreme good luck sector, make sure you activate the positive energy.
  • Also, asking Roselyn to outline how is our luck this year for all four of us. She will tell us what we need to watch out, what we need to do to ride on the lucky stars. What to avoid and what to embrace. This is where we sit down and listen to her very carefully.

For me, dog, I think is good for this coming 2021 as there are many lucky stars protecting me. For my wife (ox) will need to do more work to protect and safe sail the year.

This is not fortune telling ya… it is just telling you how is your luck this year.

  • Renew my good luck enchantment pack which I always leave it in my car. For my kids, they keep inside their bag. For good luck and “deflecting” bad energy.

Let’s see what do I have inside. Wah.. this year so many things… hahaha…

Of course I will follow Lilian Too’s advise la. So, this year, dog facing 3 killings, that is why I need to watch out those negative energies. Also, next year, must stay positve and ignore gossip.

Just follow la. But I also ask Roselyn to do all these for me. I requested for my family and I even made one for my boss and my close friend.

You want to know more… please take a look here…

Dog and Boar.

Monkey and Rooster.

Rat and Ox.

Horse and Sheep.

Dragon and Snake.

Tiger and Rabbit.

Usually you must rely on a very accurate compass. So to draw out the facing direction down to precise degrees. Usually iPhone compass is not so accurate due to the fluctuating magnetic field of the day. So, this is where you want Roselyn help to help you to do one time for the entire house.

Then, every year, she will based on this diagram to figure out how to place the Feng Shui accesories. She knew my taste as I have done thise many many years. So, she knew I don’t like to be loud.. so usually, a lot of Feng Shui protection are hidden. hahahahaha

Of course some cannot hide la. Like my lucky dog here behind my Mac Mini.

Kay will have the study hard charm on his study table too.

So, I told him the education god will watch over him. Hahahaha

This is the first year I will not go back to Malaysia to celebrate Chinese New Year due to the Pandemic. So, I need to find a temple that can Bai Tai Sui (拜太岁).

This year… Ox 值太岁 & 本命年,Sheep 冲太岁,Horse 害太岁,Dog 刑太岁, Dragon 犯太岁. If you are one of these, then, you will need to go to a taoist temple to pray pray and 拜太岁.

Every year, I will have Roselyn to come and take a look at the flying stars of my home and renew/refresh the energy.

Her store is at Bencoolen Shopping Mall. If you are believe in Feng Shui like me, then, you can contact her. Contact are as below. I have been doing this for many years, you can search the term “Feng Shui” on the search bar of my blog page, you will see all my past posting of my Feng Shui settings.

OK, I think I shall stop working on Tuesday Feb 9. And star work on Feb 18. Which is Auspicious day.

I hope my Mahjong tiles will arrived before CNY. Huat ah!!

It is now on the way to my Taobao consolidation and packaging in Shenzhen.

Lastly, the yearly calender. When to play mahjong, when to sign contract, etc.

Have fun!

For those that does not understand Chinese, RED is good luck. Pink is so so. Black is bad luck.

Oh ya… I am greatful that Roselyn has managed our Feng Shui for our home for so many years… and we have been thru many good prosperous years. So, I can’t help, must cook a breakfast for her… hahaha

It is still a Pandemic year. So, please be careful, and wear mask all the time. Please keep social distance. And make sure 8 is the magic number of external guess you have at home. Try not to post photo that is more than 8 pax. Coz people will take a second look at that photo. hahaha. Good luck in everything. If it is your turn to take the vaccine, go take. Wish you all have a great and happy and prosperous 2021.

Thanks my good friend, Benedict Kwok who recommend me to Roselyn few years ago, so that I don’t have to be so hard working to do my own Feng Shui at home. Hahahaha

Remember, Feng Shui can never be a cure to your problem. It is a mystical belief. If you believe it, good luck will always come. But don’t expect that changing the Feng Shui, next day you hit Toto 5million. hahahahahahahaha Good luck!!! Huat ah…

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