Good Food – Enaq

Date: Dec 31, 2020

There is this shop in Jurong, called Enaq. Recommended by my friend Shao Yi.

They have very nice and butterly flavour roti Prata.

Their prata looks like this. Very simple, and looks very crispy. And serve with chilli and kuah.

If you like to eat those 上海葱油饼, the crispiness is like that. Very nice.

Teh Tarik also very nice.

First time I was there, I ordered kosong and telur bawang (egg and onions). But in my opinion, eat the kosong one is already very satisfying. Eggs and onion one too much liao in there… so, conflict with the crispiness of the roti prata.

All my friends likes it.

If you happen to be around, go try it out.

The used to be another one at Ghim Moh, I think that one is gone. So, only one at the Jurong East. Opposite the Parc Oasis. Park inside the HDB car park.

The seatings is limited. So, may need to queue. There are also a lot of other things.. but I see every table order Prata, you know what is famousely good la.


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