Jay Jay Fix Everything

August 31, 2019

Jay Jay always can amaze me.

Some time ago, I caught him trying to fix Nintendo Joycon.

You know la, Nintendo already announced to the world that their Joycon will spoiled after used for many many hours.  We have about 12 Joycon at home, and really 5 of them got problem.


So, Jay Jay opened up the Joycon to try to figure out what went wrong.


And you can see that he did it so professionally.  Even take out all my tools and use it.

He can tell me that this battery is bloated.  So, advise not to use it.  That means one Joycon is down.


See… bloated.

Compare good battery vs. bad battery.

Check out the tools he using.


And he opened up every one of it.


He can even explain to me that why some Joycon cannot click the controller.  Because of the slight bump.

Eventually, he mix and match and fix 2 of the Joycon out of 5.  Because he recycle the parts.  3 of them really spoiled.  He saved 2 Joycon.  Wow.  That is good!


Not to mentioned his loves playing my 6″ Telescope.


Watching the sky with his buddy.


This has become a routine.


Yesterday, I caught him open up a keyboard and attempt to fix it.


He did a bit of cleaning, and the some of the keyboard keys are functioned again.  So, only the mouse key on the mousepad cannot be fixed.


And I too very impress with it.


So, grooming a boy interest is a long term process.  I must have done all the right thing in the past to make him do so.

Good work Jay!

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