A Sudden Accident

I certainly did not expect this to happen.  

It was a kind of a beautiful day, a bit hot, but you know rain is coming soon.

Let’s play golf anyway.

The rain came, and we have to stop playing two times during Hole #6.

When the rain stopped, we went back to Hole #6.  I hook the second shot into the left side where there are quite a fair bit of trees.  

All I did is to do a punch shot to bring the ball back to the fairway.

So, I swung the golf club low, and swung forward.

Suddenly, I feel like the golf club hit some roots below the thin layer of grass.

And it is then, I broke my 7 Iron at the handle grip there.

As you can see the handle breaks into half, the sharp metal breaks the rubber grip, and imagine the sharp edges just poke into my fingers on my right hand.

Immediately, I saw my hand is full of blood.  The entire hand.

Luckily I carry clean handkerchief, and there is ice box and mineral water.

My friend tied my wound with wet icy handkerchief, and I went to the club house seek for medical attention.

Luckily the staff just attended the refresher course of first aid, and he quickly wash my hand, and wrap my hand like this.  Ask me to go see doctor immediately.

I brought my broken 7 Iron back to the Pro Shop and ask them to sent it back to manufacturer.  I asked why and how it can break into half.  I just bought these Romaro clubs few months ago.

Then, I drove to Mount Elizabeth A&E to get my hand check.

Three cuts, one deep cut, and two surface cuts.

The doctor says no big deal.  

The cut is quite deep.

What a nice job!  6 stitches.

Mount E is celebrating the Christmas light up at the lobby.  

Wow, what a grand event for the staffs in hospital.

Seems very grand.  The food looks so nice, the performance looks very professional.

Merry Christmas.

Glad that I can contribute!!!


They gave me only these… A very small little bandages, a cream and painkiller.  You know me, high pain tolerance and will not risk to take these painkiller if not necessary as it likely to stay inside your body for 50 years.  Wahahaha.

The shocking thing is the hospital bill come up to be $668 dollars.  Don’t ask me how and why?

I just pay.  They also give me the 破伤风 vaccine too.  Suppose to protect me from infection from metal cut for 5-10 years.

It’s a nice job on stitches.  But I really did not expect the hospital A&E bill come up to so high.  Need to figure out how to do my insurance claims.  Wahahaha.

Hey, I certainly did not expect this.  Wahaha.  Now is not even December yet.  Wahahaha.

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