Lucky Draw – First Prize

Date:  Nov 29, 2013

Week #2 of his long P1 holidays, I sent him to a tennis camp.

It was a fun 5-days two hours work out.  Today was the last day of the camp.

Wow, the camp end with a buffet treat for the kids and parents.

Jay must be hungry after the work out.and after the meal, it was the give prize ceremony.  All the kids gathered around. 

They announced the best player for each categories.

Of course, Jay is not one of them yet.

Wow, they even prepare 10 prizes for lucky draw.  And what do you know, tennis bags, and racquets.

Wow, Babolat racquet.  There are 7 bags and 3 racquets to be give away. 

Just about when I envying the small little boy won the 2nd prize of the Babolat racket, they announced the first Luck Draw prize winner…. JAY LIEW…

What a lucky day for Jay Jay!

Did you see the BIG smile on his face????

He just can’t stop smiling.

This is his very first ever lucky draw big prize win.

It shall be a very memorable day for him.

And of course it makes my day happy too.

As Jay not only improved his tennis skills, he just won himself a racquet so I no need to spent money to upgrade his racquet next time.  Wahahaha

We’ll done Jay.  May be I let you pick four digit later.  Wahahahaha

I will post the 4 digit he picked yah.

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