Kay Kay Writes His Name

Date:  Nov 30, 2013

My Chinese Surname is not easy to write.  

Today, at Liang Court, just outside the Wonder Works.  Kay Kay, was writing his name on this sample Boogie Board.

IMG 2847

It was pretty amazing feeling seeing your kids know how to write his Chinese Name.  

IMG 2850

I must say, Lorna Whiston did a great job in teaching my son writing his own name.

IMG 2851

I like!

Another video clip…

You still can make it out what he is writing.  Well done Kay Kay!

IMG 2859

Well done!  Well done too Gwen!

IMG 2855

Boogie Board is something good to have.

IMG 2872

Jay and Kay love their boogie board.


A happy Kay Kay indeed!

IMG 2884

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