Amazing Race – Standard Chartered Kid Dash

Date:  Dec 1, 2013

This is the live feed of Kay Kay running the Kid Dash.  Although its only 750m, but Kay Kay run 2/3 of the time.  The only time he is not running is during the end where every one is walking and cause a “traffic jam”.  It is amazing.  I love this video so much.  He used about 9 min 30 sec to complete the race.

We enrolled both son into the Kid Dash.  Jay is running in the 7-9 years old category while Kay is running in the 4-6 category.

IMG 2895

The run is not far.  It is from Esplanade and run to Padang.  750 meter.

IMG 2890

Jay Jay run for a reason.  To lose weight.  Wahaha. 

IMG 2712

Me and Jay went to pick up the race pack 3 days ago.

IMG 2708

7:10am, we are ready to go.

IMG 2911

We had breakfast with Anna & family.

IMG 2920

Riandy & Gwen also join in.  And we make our move to Esplanade by MRT.

IMG 2927

Wow… the kids love it!  I can’t imagine that a week later, all of us plus another 3 families going on a Vacation in Taiwan together (32 people).  So, we have to practise “human traffic control” here.  Wahahaha.

IMG 2932

A long walk passing thru City Link.

IMG 2940

Me & Gwen is ready!

IMG 2942

Kay En, ready to run?

IMG 2952

Shawn, next week in Taiwan, he will ask you to carry him.  hahaha

IMG 2970

Now it is my turn.  He still very happy.

IMG 2979

Let’s go!

IMG 3008

It is amazing to see Kay Kay running from behind.  He really runs a lot.

IMG 3012

Really non-stop running.

IMG 3020

Here comes the finishing line!  9 minutes 30 seconds later.

IMG 3028

Here I kiss my medal.

IMG 3041

Collette says “Taste not nice!”

IMG 3047

Our medals.

IMG 3061

This is like Lorna Whiston Pre-School class of 2012 & class of 2014 reunion party.  Whahahaha

IMG 3075

One more group photo.

IMG 3082

These people so “Sam Seng”… sitting so high up there.

IMG 3089

Kay, you did really well today!  I like!

IMG 3094

He is writing his name again!

IMG 3095

Good job Kay!

IMG 3109

And Jay wanted to be the best golf player. 

IMG 3104

It’s lunch time! @ Raja Inn @ Tiong Bahru.

IMG 3115


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