MiniBlog – In-Door Chipping Golf Trainer

Date: July 6, 2021

I bought this from Taobao, and now I put into good use as a daily training routine at home.

This is where I bought it from.

Or go see my previous post.

Basically, it’s function is to collect your ball. If you chip correctly, it will be collected in the “Chip” pocket. If it is a running top ball, it will be collected at the most bottom pocket. If you open your club face, then, you can lob too. For pitch and run, you basically hit a 8-to-4 swing shot.

Here is a quick demonstration.

I bought the grass pad from other places. So, I don’t have to buy from the same shop.

The grass pad is quite good quality too. This is similar to the fringe at the green type of short grass. Of course, if you want to you can buy a rough grass too.

It is a good work out at home. I normally can chip up to > 100 balls.

I normally takes two dozens balls so that I don’t have to go pick up the balls.

The grass is a “simulated” grass, so, you can actually brush a bit deep for your chip shot.

Of course there is a 2-4cm heights elevation from the ground and you are not wearing shoe. But the swing feel should be the same. Practices hundreds shots to make it right. And aim at the pockets so that you wont have open or close club face shots.

The more you chip the more you get the feel. It is very exciting to get your ball chipped to the pockets. It actually make you very happy. Also, if you hit the correct shot, sweet spot shot, it will go straight. Also the sound of the hit is nice to hear too.

The good thing is, most of the time, the ball will return roll back to you. Here is the ground video of the ball rolling back. If you chip it sweet, ball will go into the pocket. If you miss it, the ball will somehow roll back to you. Sometimes, if you hit too hard, you knocked the ball out of the pockets too. So, it is fun if you just keep practising chipping this way.

So, I think this is a very cool product. 🙂

Here is a longer video for your viewing pleasure. hahahaha

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