Dragon Kiln @ Jalan Bahar

Date:  Aug 8, 2013

My wife got only one hobby.  Make Pottery.


So, after you make the pottery.  What do you do?  You bring it to the Dragon Kiln and fire it.

Screen Shot 2013 08 09 at 9 18 30 AM

So, today, the whole day, on aug 8, she has to be in the Dragon Kiln @ Jalan Bahar.  So, me and kids hang out with their friends at the bowling place.

IMG 5592

Let’s talk about Ceramic Process.


So, after you have form the clay.  You need to bring it to the 1st Firing at about 1000 degree Celsius.

IMG 5086

All clay work goes into this small little furnace.

IMG 5090 2

Then, you fire it up.

IMG 5095

Adjust the fire to the heat they wanted.

IMG 5096 2

You can see thru the hole the inside.  The clays are cooking.

IMG 5097

 Belowis the video clip on how it fire up the furnace.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/CQsji_XBRHk

It is very hot there.  Don’t get too near.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/PhDLHz8eo4M

By the way, this is the Dragon Kiln.  But they don’t fire the ceramics here nowadays.

IMG 5098

I think if you want to add a certain special effects on your ceramics, then, you will need this thing here.  Where you bury your art work, and fire it under the hot temperature.

IMG 5103

It is just like cooking a soup.

IMG 5105 2

That cool looking chap with sun glasses is Mr. Chew.  My wife’s pottery teacher.

IMG 5108

Place all your master piece inside.

IMG 5109

There you go.  All these ugly clays before the fire.

IMG 5110

So, you wait there for long time for the temperature to goes up.

IMG 5112

One hour later.  Almost 1000 degrees.

IMG 5119

After 1-2 hours later.  It is time to reveal the art works.

IMG 5122

Mr. Chew going to remove the clay pieces.

IMG 5123

Students, please help to open up the cover.

IMG 5126

One piece by one piece take out from the furnace.

IMG 5127

Place the ceramic piece into that container.  Pour in more sands.  Looks pretty hot.

IMG 5129

More sands.

IMG 5130

Quickly.  Cover it.

IMG 5134

Let all the pots stay inside there do hot sand bathing.  hahaha

IMG 5135

Will open this in a while.

IMG 5138

Too bad.  This one did not make it.  hahahaha

IMG 5141

About 30 min later.  It should be cooked.

IMG 5143

Wah.. even more ugly after the firing.

IMG 5144

Then, you soak them in the water for cooling.

IMG 5147

It looks damn ugly when it first came out.

IMG 5151

After taking a nice bath.  Take a look at that glazing… not too bad huh?

IMG 5154

Another firing furnace.

IMG 5156

Another few art pieces.

IMG 5158

Making ceramics nowadays also incorporate a lot of science in there.

IMG 5161

They used a lot of chemicals to make it nice.

IMG 5162

Don’t know what they do.  

IMG 5163

But if you mix them together and apply to the ceramic, some nice thing will happen.  hahaha

IMG 5164

See what I mean.  Chemicals.

IMG 5166

Look.  Another red hot ceramics.

IMG 5167

Same process.

IMG 5168

Fire fire all the way.

IMG 5169

Is it too toxic the air?  See what they are wearing.

IMG 5170

So, they keep doing this batches by batches.

IMG 5174

Where are the kids now?  Playing pool.  hahaha.  

Note that… I am not at Jalan Bahar, my wife is.  I am virtually there.  And after she came back, she said, all these are the photos.  You know what to do.  hahaha

IMG 5606

Batches by batches, the art pieces went thru firing.  Some glazing one need to go thru 2 times.

IMG 5186

There you go.  My wife’s product.

IMG 5187

Some of these made by Jay Jay.

IMG 5188

Jay Jay’s Volcano.

IMG 5189

Let’s take a good photo.

IMG 5191

Not too bad.  Jay Jay made some of these too.

IMG 5193

Oh.  They learned this technique this week.

IMG 5197

It’s all hard work.  So clean properly,. ok!

IMG 5211

IMG 5216

Happy bunch of teacher and students.

IMG 5227

OK.  That night, almost 9am.  After 12 hours spending time at the kiln, my wife is back with all the art pieces.

IMG 5245

Jay Jay was so happy.

IMG 5645

He made this.

IMG 5647

And this too.

IMG 5648

Let’s take picture with your ceramics.

IMG 5656

I think this is Jay Jay best product.

IMG 5658

Can you see my signature behind?  J A Y

IMG 5659

My wife made this.

IMG 5650

This …

IMG 5651


IMG 5652

This …

IMG 5653


IMG 5654

That concludes the story of ceramic firing at Jalan Bahar.  

IMG 5655

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