Omakaze Burger

Date: Aug 9, 2013

Today we paid a visit to Turf Club.

We were hungry so, since our usual Japanese beef place not open yet. So we decided to eat at Omakaze Burger.

There is a lot of hypes about this burger place. First thing we notice is it is actually a fast food chain, just like MacDonald.

And wow! The price of the burger does not come cheap at all! My ultimate burger is about $18 a piece with NO side dishes.

The fleshy squeezed orange juice is very fresh!

I ordered this for my wife. Japanese sweet potatoes brewed premium beer.

My Coke is made in Mexico. It taste very sweet. A very different sweetness.

Because it is made of Sugar Canes!

Ok! Back to my burger. After I tasted it. I stopped talking! I ordered medium cooked. Haha it is very tender and very nice to eat. Ok. It’s expensive, but it is really one nice burger!

Don’t forget to order the cheese fries and Onion Rings. Very nice too!

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