Kay Kay Promoted to Green Belt

Date:  May 19, 2015

Congratulations to my younger son Kay Kay and Justin being promoted to green belt this week!

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For the kids, it is important to learn Taekwondo.

1.  Get the first taste of “grading”.  So, when they go into P2, they will know what is “test”, “quiz” and “exam” all about.  It is about study something over and over again, trying to understand why we need to study, and then, every 3 months has a test or grading.  So, you need to work hard and practice so that “Practice makes perfect”.  This are a few little concepts that I injected into this TKD and tell both my sons.

2.  Learning how to defence yourself physically.  This is very important.  When you see bad guys, and they do something to you, you need to learn how to think and defence.

3.  Learn to respect others.  Respect the teacher.  Respect the head master.  Respect the training hall.

4.  Learn to control emotion.  Hurt in future will come in either physical form or non-physical form (i.e. cyber bully).  The key thing to learn at this age is, do not be so emotional about things.  Learn how to control it.  Angry will bring you to the dark side.  (have to learn together with Star Wars Force teaching).  Well, the idea is simple.  TKD is for fitness.  When got bully by someone else, you can defence yourself.  But if you use TKD to bully others, their legs will sure be broken by me.  And that is all they need to learn.  hahaha

IMG 2524

It might be tough for Kay initially to pick up TKD.  But since he every day see his brother do it, he also wanted to request for it.  And the first few months is quite hard to tune him into this grading mode.  But later he figure it all out.

IMG 2527

And we are very proud of both the kids.  Well done Kay Kay and Justin!

IMG 2532

Of course happy face.  hahaha

IMG 2534

Here is the change belt ceremony.

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