Kids Show & Tell

Date:  May 18, 2015

Don’t under estimate the power of “Show & Tell”.

This is where you train your kids to become daring, speak in front of the class, with something that they are very proud of making.

Since mommy is flying off to US this week, so, daddy comes in to help Kay with his homework.

IMG 2579

Angler Fish, hmmm… what is that?

Even I don’t know what is an Angler fish.

Therefore, we google it.  

Eweee… what an ugly fish.

It is the fish with sharp teeth and a lamp on their head.

IMG 2662

Have the kids seen it before?

Oh yeah… definitely. 

In “Finding Nemo”, Nemo’s daddy swim with Dory to find Nemo.. and they encountered some a sea monster.  

It’s an Angler Fish!

Sometime kids are funny cute human beings.  They need to see cartoons to relate it to the real thing.

So, if this creature happened to appeared in any cartoon, they will instantly remember.  If not, let’s watch the cartoon again to try to recall it.

IMG 2659

Can the kids draw it?

The characteristics of an Angler fish is actually the big fat body, with sharp teeth and a hanging lamp/light in front of their forehead.

It can be easily drawn.

Kids will love it.

IMG 2660

Can it be coloured?

Of course, yes!

Any colour will do.  Make sure outline the sharp teeth and a hanging lamp.

IMG 2661

To have a better show and tell, kids will need to make their own props.

And make sure you use used chocolate box, i.e. Oreo box to make it.

Reuse – reduce & recycle.  This is what kids always learn from the pre-school, so, always you will need to strengthen the concepts.

IMG 2646

These hinges are very useful indeed.

You don’t know when you going to use it. 

But one day, you will need it!

IMG 2649

Father and son conceptualise this and use the hinge to make a moving mouth.

A moving mouth with sharp teeth.

IMG 2647

Very sharp indeed.

IMG 2648

We even make a simple Fish home for the Angler fish.  It is a cave.

It is very dark.

So, they can use their lamp in the head to light up the cave.

IMG 2664

Very dark inside.

IMG 2663

A very simple Angler fish.

With sharp green teeth.

with moving lamp at the forehead.

With moving tails to swim fast.

With black eye.

And a yellow fin.

This is Kay Kay’s small little props for the show and tell.

I am very sure he will have lots of things to talk about.

And this fish stay in the cave.

Very dark cave.

And when he lights up the lamp, the cave becomes brighter.

And the small little fishes will swim towards the light.

And Mr. Angler Fish will “Amb…” eat all the small little fishes with his sharp green teeth.

IMG 2665

A 30 minutes time to do the project with the kid and make them feel good.

Feel proud.

and Feel wanting to give the show and tell.

So much to talk about.

IMG 2668

A happy Kay.

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