Photography – Super Moon & Multi-Exposures

Date:  Mar 10, 2020

Tonight got Super Moon.


Around 7:45pm, I already setup my camera and waiting for the moon to come up.


Don’t play play, I cleaned my lens, wipe the dust off, research how I am going to take the shot tonight.


Hre are some of the tips.


  1. Always use a Tri-pod.
  2. The moon is travelling at 3,683km/hour, so it is very fast.  Try not to use a slow shutter speed.
  3. If I have full frame camera, then, should not use SS slower than 1/125s
  4. Unfortunately, my Fujifilm X-H1 is not full frame.
  5. And I am using a x2 teleconverter.  So, I boh pian must use slower than 1/125s.
  6. And my 100-400mm with the x2 teleconverter furthur reduce my exposure capability.  The maximum I can use is F9.
  7. Yup, I have telephoto lens.  i.e. 100-400mm zoom lens with x2 teleconverter.
  8. Apply Looney 11 rule.  By right, if I am using ISO100, then, I should choose close to 1/100s which is 1/125s.  But since I am using a x2 teleconverter, boh pian, must use slower speed.  And the moon might come out blur.
  9. Use a remote trigger.  Because the wind is blowing very hard at 28th floor roof top.  Boh pian, my camera is shaking all the time.
  10. Try don’t put moon in the center.
  11. Use Manual Focus.
  12. Use Exposure Bracketing.
  13. Use Day Light white balance.
  14. Shoot in RAW.

So sad.  It is already 9:10pm.  Look at the clouds so thick.  Let’s go to sleep.


Manage to play with some multi-exposure shots.  Quite cool.  I overlap the left and the right side of my views and created a depth in this photo.


So, my first shot is the HDB, then, I swing to the right, and take the Bukit Timah towers.


So, I really kept all my camera gears, tripod, thiking that the moon will not come out nice tonight.

But then, before I went to bed, I take a quick peek at outside, and to my surprise, the moon came out from all the dark clouds.  And the dark clouds is no more.

I quickly take my camera, tripod and rush to my roof top.  Set it up.

I took varies shot of the moon.


Wind is blowing very very hard on the 28th floor.  I can see my camera has tiny little moments.  Haiz… going to be blue pictures again.


So, I started to play with my multi-exposure feature on my X-H1.  Wow, I show the foreground with 10s and then zoom in to the moon and shot the moon at 1/30s.  And my camera combine both frames and created this.  Wow…


Let’s try another one.  I placed the moon beside the tower and the HDB on the right.


Let’s do another one.  Cool!!!!


Lastly, I make the moon even bigger.  It is super moon mah.


And apply the Isntagram filter, this become a really big super moon.


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