CCB – Clean Up Your Notes

Date: April 5, 2020

I called Covid19 Circuit Breaker as “CCB”.

Singapore government has asked every one to stay at home for 1 month. All non-essential service, shops and schools will be close for 1-month. Every one will have to work from home.

So, what can you do at home during the CCB?

Clean up Your Notes!

Apple’s Notes is a very important app in my life. I came across anything I wanted to remember but scare I will forget, I will “share” it to my Notes. Any article I read and I found it useful, I put it inside the Notes. My todo list, I placed it in notes. Who owe me money, I place it in my Notes. Almost everything. Photos I like, I paste it into my Notes.

As you can imagine, I have thousands of Notes.

But most of it is useless as they were past tense already.

So, I decided to clean up my notes since 2 weeks ago. I started at about close to 3,000 notes. And now, I have clean up left with 1,300 Notes. And I have classified the Notes I gone thru into folders. So that I can keep it organized.

This are a lot a lot of junks inside. If I don’t clean it, it will forever piled up inside my Notes app. And It will come to a point where there are too many junk info inside my Notes.

So, get organized and put them into folders.

I actually went thru each notes. Some URL even don’t exist anymore due to some reason. So, I learned that if I wanted to save some Web Info, I better save it into a PDF file and save it inside my Notes. So that next time when the URL gone bad, I still got that piece of info.

Like this piece of article is where I learned how to shoot Milky Way …

So by right, it should go into the Astrophotography folder.

Like this is another Notes I came across this morning, talking about how to do the 4-7-8 breathing exercise to help people sleep well and live well. It was a breathe method from Yoga. I almost forgot about it. I first came across it since 2016. Now, I found this article and it was great!

And there is an app for it too.

So, during CCB, there are many things you can do. I have already line up a few things I wanted to do.

1. Clean up Notes.

2. Get rid of EverNotes. Can you believe it, I still pay for it, and if I can import all those EverNotes into Notes, I will save some $60 per year. I used EverNotes before Apple got their Notes app done right.

3. Scan my hard copy of photographs into soft copy and import them into my Photo App. This is a long process, as you have to do it picture by picture and after you scan you need to enhance the photo.

4. As you can guess, to clean my my 670G photo library on my iMac. I have been doing this for years. But still doing it very slowly. I have been keeping it steady below 700G now.

5. Finally the time to truly learn Photoshops. Not easy for me. I am not a graphic designer lor. so it takes time. I want to use it to do photo editing on my iPad. As the Photoshops on iPad is getting more complicated. Hahaha

And many more…

Hope every one has a fun and safe CCB.

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