Cycling – F1-Pit, Crossing PIE, Ulu Sembawang 70.54km

Date: June 27, 2021

This is my coast to coast route. Taking some short cuts. And explored many new places. I did 70.54km today.

It takes about 4:42:52 to ride. And I had a much faster Avg Speed today. That is because I forgot it was a Sunday and I need to access my iPad to book my Golf game on next Friday at 12noon. So, in order to reach home fast, I have to abandon the PCN. And ride on the road on Woodland Rd. Of course I made it back to home before 12 noon.

Last time, I told people I won’t wear any tight tight cycling shirt. But I take it back. Since I am 10kg lighter, and my beer tummy has shrunk. I can now wear these type of tight tight shirt comfortably without exposing too much of my tummy.

So, I chosen to wear “Catty” today. See all these cute cats on my shirt.

And for the first time ever, I was wearing a bicycle short with the pad pad seat behind.

It is actually not too bad wearing it. Very comfortable, my backside. Hahahaha…

Before I went out, I looked at the weather app. Sky was clear looks alright to cycle.

30min after I started… it rained.

So, I got stranded for 20min, and then I decided to continue…

I ride until the MBS there.

The sky still full of clouds…

So, I took the lift to go up, and ride across the Helix bridge. Then, under that bridge the other side is the “hidden” underpass to get to F1-pit. This is the first time I ride on this F1-pit.

From there I ride to the end until I reach the bridge at Nicoll highway. And follow the Kallang Riverside Park, I reach the Kallang PCN.

From there, I followed a fellow cyclist as I have a hunch he is going to bring me across the PIE the correct path. And really, I followed him to the Macperson there, and cross under PIE. And turn left I reach St. Andrew secondary school.

I am so glad because previously I have been carrying my bike across the PIE over the overhead bridge. hahahaha.

So, all the way to Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park – Old Thompson Rd – Mandai Rd. Need to ride on the road on Mandai Rd. From there, you reach Upper Seletar Reservoir Park.

After that, crossing the road, you can find entrance of Ulu Sembawang Park Connector.

And finally you reach the north coast. Woodland Water Park.

So, my coast to coast is from South Coast Marina Bay to North Coast Woodland Waterpark…

Its been a long long time last time I cross this bridge…

And after this, I just used the Road all the way from Woodland back to Bukit Batok Rd. And reach home before 12.

That concludes my journey… A lot of first in this bike trip.

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