Photography Walk @ Garden by the Bay with Kids

Date:  June 17, 2018

I picked up photography when I was 46 years old.  That is when I bought my first Fujifilm X-T1.  It was a nice camera.  Later I upgraded to X-T2 and now I am using X-H1.

When I was young, may be about 12 years old, I saw my friend using a Canon DSLR in school, and it was cool for a primary school student to own a big camera and know how to use it.

So, I decided to teach Jay and Kay how to handle the camera.  And Jay took over my X-T1.  And I also managed to convert Boon Ching to use my X-T2 (which is very much lighter than her old Canon DSLR).


Kay is too young to handle a Mirrorless camera.  He is so tiny, so, I let him had my Sony RX100 mark III.

Yes, when you don’t know how to take photo in manual mode, you will tend to buy the best point and shoot.  And that little thing, Sony RX100 really takes good pictures.


Ever since Kay become the rightful owner of that Sony RX100.  He becomes very good at eat.  Lately, I showed him how to use the viewfinder instead of using the LCD screen to take the photo.  He never used the viewfinder because he does not know how to pop it out.  Hahahaha.  That is why I was wondering why he complaint the the view finder is broken.  Because he forgot to pop the viewfinder out.


It is fun to go on to a photo walk.  We can take a lot of amazing things.


We take pictures using fast lens and learn how to make the bokeh nice.

Yeah, I am still learning.


We learned how to make silky water.


Or try to froze the water.  Try…


This is what amaze me.  My kids actually teach me this.  It never come to my thoughts.  But they said “Daddy, we can take Kay Kay thru the reflection…” I said.. “What reflection?”


Oooh… this reflection… Hi Kay.. stand still…

This is the reflection from the purple crystals.


He slowly become good at it.  He learns how to compose the shot.


And I am glad that my kids learned how to photograph at this young age.  Jay and Kay, you guys are very cool when handling the camera.


Oh ya, Happy Father’s day.

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