Gadgets – Laowa 9mm F2.8 Zero-D Lens

Date:  June 16, 2018

This is my new wide lens for my Fujifilm X-H1.

It is a China made Laowa 9mm f2.8 Zero-D.


Have not got the chance to shoot any night shot yet, but I am sure the f2.8 will help to bring in more lights at night.


It is called a Zero-D ==> Zero Distortion.

Wow, the angle is really wide, and there is no fish eye.

I guess this is what they called zero distortion.


Wow, I can shoot a full picture of a small room.


It is quite amazing.


Wow!  I like the wide angle.  This will be my favorite wide angle prime lens.


It is cool indeed.


Also available for Canon EF-M, Sony E mount, etc.

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 7.27.43 AM.png

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