Good Peranakan Chef!

Date:  June 15, 2018

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Today we celebrated Hari Raya at this Nonya Bong The Peranakan restaurant.


This restaurant can only make appointment by calling chef Jeff.  He will tell you where to go.  He usually will cook for group of people.


We got 9 adults & 6 children.

We have chosen the “Eat Until Pain” menu.  They have “Eat Until Peng San” and “Eat Until Blessed” menu too.

I will explain why “Eat Until Pain” later.


Today, we have two belated birthday to celebrate.

This is the dining table settings.

Btw, you can BYO Wines.  We have 5 bottles of Rose, White wines, etc.

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Kids will have “non-chilli” version.

The home made Kueh Pie Tee.  Yeap, those cup are not from Cold storage.  It is home-made.  Crispy and nice.


The Sambal Belacan, can be eaten just like that.  Very fragrant!


The home made Chinchalok.  The vinegar and the onions is just nice and matched.


Home made Otak.


Big piece, taste nice.


The Buah Keluak chicken.  WOW!  Yum Yum.  The Buah Keluak is so meaty.  Nice!


Meaty Buah Keluak.


This is the Babi Ponteh.  You guess what is that stick alike thingy…


It is sugar cane.  It is natural sugar.

The pork is very nice, melt in your mouth.


This is a killer.  The Sambal Prawns.  It is so nicely cooked and matched well with the home made sambal.


The Chap Choy.


The soup.


The food is almost like buffet.  Eat all it is left.  If there are left over, you got to tabao back.  Wow.


“Eat Until Pain”… means, you eat so much until stomach a bit pain.  hahahahaha

But still we got to eat this.  hahaha  Look at the Sago.


Comes with Coconut and Gula Melaka.


Let’s take a look how the chef prepare it for us.

I asked chef Jeff, beside eating your own Peranakan food, which other Peranakan restaurant you think it is good.  He simply say “none.”  hahahaha

He then explained, “most of the restaurant will cook for the whole day, for many many customers.”  So, they cook in quantity and makes the quality drop.  Where as, he will cook for you alone, so, the tastes and quality is controlled.

Well done!  Chef Jeff!  Your Peranakan food is really Tok Gong!


Of course, we ended our lunch with birthday cakes.

Happy Belated birthday Mel and Jas.

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