WRO Style Robotics Competitions

Date:  Feb 9, 2018

Jay and Kay is currently attending Pythons robot programming class at Da Vinci Innovation Lab.

Last week, during their monthly competition game, they held a WRO style Robotics competitions.  So that they can let the kids experience what is WRO competition.


WRO = Word Robot Olympiad

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 12.33.38 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 12.33.31 AM.png

Except that the real WRO deals with Lego Mindstorms robots and programming using Lego Mindstorms interface, while last week competition, the students using their familiar blocky Pythons to program (they are still in Intermediate I class).

There is no age restriction.  Purely based on luck.


Kay Kay partner with this elder kid who is also last month champion.  Jay lost to his team last month.


Jay works with these two young kids.


Kay’s group coder is very good.  He actually is the only kid to program the robot to pick up 5 crates.  Jay’s team only pick up 4.  This is one of the successful pick up of the yellow crates.  And earn extra 10 points.

Now, Jay’s turn.  And a mistake happened, and the red crates is gone to no point zones.  Only score 20 points.

arghhh… the Kay’s robot malfunction when attempting to pick up the yellow crates.  They lost some points there.

Jay’s robot pick up all the 4 crates.  Scoring a stable 40 points.  and now all he has to do is to bring the robot back to the final position red zone to earn extra points.

And he failed!  Back to the programming part.

Kay’s team robot trying to take the 5th block again.  and it Failed.

After all the rest of the few teams failed to get more points.  Jay’s team is faced off with Kay’s team.

After some re-matches later… Jay’s robot finally move 4 blocks to the scoring zone and return the robot back to the final position scoring red zone.

He won!


And winners get to sign on the plague.


This will be placed at the center there.




He is very proud of what he has achieved.


And he won $20.


Congrats to Jay on his first sweet victory.

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